Car Ignition Switch, Ignition Button, Ignition Module, Push Button Start, Push Start Button, Keyless Start, Self-armimg, HT-002

Car Ignition Switch, Ignition Button, Ignition Module, Push Button Start, Push Start Button, Keyless Start, Self-armimg, HT-002

Product description:

Simple installation and simple operation!

It is a smart device designed for drivers who are tired of turning key to start.

After installing it, just push the button when you want to start or stop.

HT-002 is a Push Start Button system, which is designed to work with the original remote, so that the system can arm/ disarm when drivers lock/ unlock their cars. So, HT-002 doesn't have PKE system.

About the accessories of the system

HT-002 includes three parts: main unit, button and harnesses.

The main harness will be connected to the ignition wires of your car (+12V, ACC, ON, START) .

The 8P harness includes 3 Sense wires, the main unit can know if you are locking/ unlocking your car by these wires. These wires will be connected to the central lock motor and turning light wires, they all should be positive.

The button will be installed in the car, anywhere you can push comfortably, but we recommend you fix it onto the above of keyhole.

How to use it?

Start your car: step on the footbrake, and then push the button, if you don't want to step the brake, just push and hold it for a while.

Stop your car: as same as starting.

Pushing the button without braking, the system will change status as below:


Arming anddisarming

1. Arming: the system will arm when the driver locks the vehicle by original remote. If you have forgotten locking, don't worry, the system can arm itself in several minutes. (Note: if the car power hasn't been turned off, the system can't arm) .

2. Disarming: the system will disarm when the driver unlocks the vehicle by original remote.

So, thieves can't start the car even if they forced the door open.


This is system can arm itself, please make sure that you have pressed UNLOCK button on your original remote.

Because of self-arming, if you forget LOCKING your car when you leave, the system will arm automatically to prevent your carfrom stealing.

Remote Start

Thisis an amazing function, but not all cars support this function, especially cars with aftermarket car alarm systems.

Operation: Just presses the original UNLOCK and LOCK buttons on your remote as a certain sequence.


1. The most important thing is we are the only manufacturer who uses IC for Button Start.

As we know, Button Start system provides power for the car staring section, especially for IG1 and IG2. If the electricity supply of IG1 and IG2 is not stable, the engine can not work well, that is harmful and dangerous. That is why we don't use relays or FAMOS to output electricity to the car wire despite the great cost difference.

2. The system almost consume no electricity when it arming, this means that it won't increase much of your car electricityconsumption.

Installation –How to deal withthe steering lock and RFID immobilizer?

1.Steering lock: the simplest way is copy a mechanical key, insert it into the keyhole and turn it to ON position to keep the steer wheel unlocked, and then cut the outside section, at last, paste the button above it.

2.Original RFID immobilizer: take out the RFID chip from your original remote and paste it the position close to the key cylinder. (Don't worry about your remote; it is independent for most remotes. If the RFID chip is welded on the remote circuit board, don't take it.)