Supply wireless remote control dimmer Ceiling | Modern Ceiling | Simple Ceiling | Bedroom Ceiling

Supply wireless remote control dimmer Ceiling | Modern Ceiling | Simple Ceiling | Bedroom Ceiling

Product description:

Details of modern minimalist ceiling ceiling bedroom ceiling supply wireless remote control dimmer Ceiling
  • Brand: However Ka Wah

  • Model: Dimming Ceiling

  • Lamp Specifications: See product

  • Style: Modern

  • Light color: white yellow Adjustable

  • Lamp shape: Other

  • Shade Material: Other

  • Source type: led lights

  • Switch Type: remote control

  • Voltage: AC85-265V

  • Transformers: Other

  • Ballast: Other

  • The main scope of application: home sites

  • Protection Level: Other

  • Power: 18W

  • Average life: 50000h

  • Certification: See product

  • Custom processing:

  • Dimensions: See product mm

  • Weight: See product g

  • 1F: 2F

  • 1F: 2F

  • 1F: 2F

  • 1F: 2F

  • 1F: 2F

Supply wireless remote control dimmer Ceiling Ceiling modern minimalist bedroom ceiling Ceiling

product manual
(Product types) LED ceiling 18W wireless remote control dimmer
(Operating voltage) AC100-240V
(Head size) external lines
(Power consumption) 18W (saving more than 90%)
(Standby power) (0.6W
(Light flux) 1500-1700 lumens
(CRI)) 70
(Color temperature) 2800-3500K or 6000-6500K optional
(Light colors) is white, warm white or RGB optional
(Light intensity comparison) 3W LED energy saving lamp is equivalent to 12W ordinary energy-saving lamps, equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp
(Emitting angle) 160 degrees
(Life) is more than 50,000 hours
(Remote control distance) maximum 50 m unobstructed wall
(Remote control of lights) single 18W Ceiling (lamp body built-in power remote control receiver board)
(Dimming function) 10 or stepless dimming function, 0) 100%
(Remote Frequency) 315 / 433MHz Optional
(Lamp body sizes) Diameter: ф350mm, height: 110mm
(Remote control specifications) Length 86 * W 37 * 15mm thick pearl white
(Shade Color) acrylic white
(Base material) aluminum
(Range) of residential, engineering, hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, etc.
(By weight) 0.8kG

LED Features
1. energy efficient, at the same brightness condition, LED power consumption is only about one-tenth of an ordinary incandescent lamp
2. Environmental protection, lead, mercury and other harmful elements and harmful elements of radiation on the human body
3. High luminous efficiency, compared with ordinary light bulbs, more than LED90% electric energy is converted to light, heat loss is minimal, low heat
4. Protect eyesight, LED visible light does not contain ultraviolet, infrared, with a switch fast response, no delay, no flicker and other advantages
5. No radiation, this product does not have a magnetic field radiated electromagnetic interference and other energy-saving fluorescent lamps, etc. produced
6. long life, LED light source is a semiconductor component, up to 50,000 hours, this feature is far from ordinary energy-saving lamps
Far and no theory
7. Security, LED characteristics determine the low-voltage DC power supply, current, heat a small, safe, and reliable.

Wireless remote control features:
1. The long-distance non-directional remote control
2. The absence of wall obstacles, there are limits directional infrared remote control and remote partition can not
3. You can adjust the light and dark, according to their need to adjust to the best results can be from 0% to 100% adjustment
The remote control lamp receiving end software code function, the new remote control simply press the OFF button for about 10 seconds will be able to
Code is successful, the function can also according to customer requirements change
Each remote control are written 5. Factory unique code, there will be no mutual interference
6. The flexible, remote control through the code capabilities to remote control multiple remote lamp function, just a single
Remote control to remote control the entire home lighting
7. Remote receiving end with high sensitivity super anti-jamming imported chips, using pulse width modulation dimming technology
Way never exist flicker
8. The low-carbon energy, light and soft no flicker, no radiation, no pollution, low light failure, is a must for future development