RXW04MC code superheterodyne receiver module

RXW04MC code superheterodyne receiver module

Product description:

For more information RXW04MC code superheterodyne receiver module
  • Brand: However Ka Wah

  • Model: RXW04MC

  • Type: wireless remote control

  • Scope: wireless remote control, remote control toys, burglar alarm, garage doors, gates, automatic barrier, retractable door control products.

  • Video Input: See product

  • Distance adjustment switch: See product

  • Power: See product

  • Power: See product W

  • Transfer Switches: See product

  • Wire Transfer: See product

  • Dimensions: 37 * 12.3mm

  • Weight: 0.01kg

  • 433F: 315F

  • 1A: 2F

  • 1A: 2F

  • 1A: 2F

  • 1A: 2F

RXW04MC code superheterodyne receiver module

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