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Dimmable LED Bulb

Dimmable LED Bulb
  • Dimmable LED Bulb
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Unit price: 95 USD
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  • Brand: However Ka Wah

  • Model: JR-RXE2706W

  • Style: Modern

  • Switch Type: remote control

  • Light Color: Warm white adjustable

  • Housing material: PC

  • Diffusion plate: aluminum / aluminum alloy

  • Input voltage: AC85-265V

  • Can Dimming: Yes

  • Power source: 10W

  • Color temperature: 2500-6500K

  • Luminous flux: 850lm

  • LED Number: 40

  • CRI: See product%

  • Beam angle: 160 °

  • Certification: See product

  • Life: 50000h

  • Custom processing:

  • Dimensions: 60 * 120mm

  • Weight: 120g

Dimmable LED Bulb

RF wireless dimming bulb: LED is encapsulated using SMD5630 6500K 2500K warm light and cold as lighting, LED lighting either from energy efficiency or the use of efficiency are greatly enhanced; control the use of RF wireless remote control, a frequency of 433.92MHz, long-distance remote control can no direction, there is no partition obstacles, can freely adjust the lighting brightness and color temperature of lighting, according to their need to control; remote control using MCU free codes, no heavy code, can a lamp with four remote control or a remote control with an unlimited number of lights, freedom of code, free delete code and easy to use; LED lighting low-carbon energy, soft light no flicker, no radiation, no pollution, global advocate under green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving call, LED lighting is the future trend of development. Let us use RF wireless control of LED lighting, energy-saving and environmental protection a part to play.



project name

Bulb parameters

Remote control parameters



product name

6W Dimmable LED Bulb

RF wireless remote control


Product Model (Model)



Optional for other models remote control


LED models (LED Model)



LED quantity (LEDS)

6500K / 2500K each 20PCS


Working voltage (Working V)

AC85 ~ 265V



Operating Current (Working I)

27Ma @ 220V



Standby Current (Sleeping I)




Total power (Tatol Power)




Standby Power (Sleeping P)



Power factor (Power Factor)



Operating frequency (Hz)

AC (50-60 Hz) /RF433.92MHz



Luminous flux (Luminous)

540 ~ 580LM


LED life (Life)

50,000 hours (H)


Light angle (Lighting Angle)



Lamp Interface (Port)



Lamp cup material (Meterial)

Fin + PC



Size (Dimension)

Diameter: ф60mm, length: 120mm

Length 108 * W 50 * 20mm thick


Weight (Weight)




Shell color (Color)

silver white



Remote distance (Distance)

60 to 100 meters (M)

60 to 100 meters (M)

Product Operation Guidelines:

(P-code operation) turn on the light in the 10S, quick press on the remote control to open at 5 on key 1 lights flash twice, indicating that this key lights and remote control with a good, after press opening 1:00 lights off 1:00 Off This lamp.

(Delete code operation) turn on the light in the 10S, quick press of the remote control on 5 OFF key 1 lights flash three times, indicating that the lamp of this key corresponds to the remote control code has been removed, after pressing this key, the lamp is not control.

(Remote control button function description)

Brighter: warm or cold light brightness of 10% to 100% adjustment, when the well-being of bright light while 10% to 50% of the regulation;

Dim: Warm or cold brightness light at 100% to 10% adjustment, when the well-being of bright light while in 50% to 10% of the regulation;

Cold or warm tone tone light (color temperature): adjustable from 2500K to 6500K;

Total open: during the third set of lights at the same time off, press this button, three groups of lights all bright;

Total Off: When three lights are on, press it all off three sets of lights;

Open 1: all the way open key, pressing the corresponding lights on; Off 1 key: a key all the way, press the corresponding button lights off;

On 2: all the way open key, pressing the corresponding lights on; Off 2 key: a key all the way, press the corresponding button lights off;

Open 3: In order to open the way key, pressing the corresponding lights on; Off 3 keys: the key all the way, press the corresponding button lights off;

(Lamp remote control function description)

1 Road Case: Press On 1 key, 1 lights, the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted; the other two the same function;

When you press the full key, when adjusting brightness or color temperature, three sets of lights simultaneously (meaning that choose which way adjustable which way, the whole election can be all adjusted.) For example: When you press a key to open, only 1-way transfer can not be transferred to other two.

(Light manual dimming function description)

When the remote control is broken or can not find the time, you can manually adjust the light:

Turn on the power switch, light cold and warm bright light each 50%, fast turn on the power switch again for the cold 100% (continuous operation successively Click to Action) - warm light 100% - 50% cold - warm light 50% - and well-being Light each 25%

(Range) of residential, engineering, hotels, shopping malls and other