Long-distance low-power wireless transceiver module with high sensitivity

Long-distance low-power wireless transceiver module with high sensitivity

Product description:

JR-RXW17D is a superheterodyne receiver module, with a crystal frequency stabilization, the receiving frequency stability, the chip contains RF amplifier
, Mixer, PLL, crystal oscillator, IF amplifier, filter and limiter comparator output is TTL level data signal can be
Direct drive CPU decoding, highly integrated all the functions superheterodyne receiver circuit not only has high sensitivity, good temperature characteristics, anti-
Interference ability, communication distance, and can be certified by the US and European norms, apply to your product device for your product in the recognition
Test certificate to provide effective protection, can effectively improve the efficiency of your products.
(main feature)
Wide voltage range, high sensitivity, high stability, high anti-interference, high cost, remote distance and so on.
(Performance parameter)
(1) Operating voltage:. DC 2.5 ~ 5 V
(2) transfer rate: 2 ~ 4KBPS
(3) work: ASK / OOK (AM)
(4) Operating Current: 3.7MA
(5) Sensitivity: -112dBm
(6) Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
(7) Operating frequency: 315 MHz; 433.92 MHz;
30 * 12.5MM
Feet away from the 2.54MM
(Pin Description)
A ANT antenna
B GND ground
C VCC power supply
D CE sleep foot
E DA data pin
F GND ground
Wireless remote control, remote control toys. Anti-theft alarm , Garage door, rolling gates, automatic barrier, retractable door control products and so on.