Wireless remote control motor reversing controller module | 2-way 12V relay switch module

Wireless remote control motor reversing controller module | 2-way 12V relay switch module

Product description:

Description: Model KZB-MOTOR

AC / DC motor controller function specifications

This product is designed to build (Control forward, reverse, stop) motor control, manual and remote control operation, the operation is simple, stylish and elegant remote control, AC / DC selectable (when ordering).

I. Overview

This paragraph wireless controller and three-button remote control is a complete wireless digital intelligent learning type manual, radio control components, mainly used to control alternating current (DC) motor reversing (such as: lift, hoist, hoist, conveyor , projection screen, electric curtains, electric pylons, garage doors, retractable doors, etc.), can be used to control equipment to achieve the motor is, reverse, or switch on, off conversion, wired and wireless compatibility.

This product is a high-security, large memory capacity, stable performance and low power consumption characteristics, and easy to use, without using the traditional jumper or DIP switch coding, just the radio signal emitted by the remote control allows the receiving controller receiving and supporting the use of storage can be achieved. Each receiver controller can store multiple transmitter (remote control), if a good learning remote control is lost during use, simply remove the information stored in the controller, the lost remote control will be unable to control the controller.

First, the remote control section: (Product shape right)

1, using three key shell (silkscreen on, stop, down))

2, the working voltage: 12V (battery 23A)

3, the working current: 15MA

4, the quiescent current: 0

5, the operating frequency: 433.92M

6. Working distance: 20 to 30 meters indoors

7, the encoding method: Learning code chip 1527

8, the operation function: Press the key motor forward, press Stop button to stop the motor, press motor reverse

Second, the controller part: (optional input voltage DC or AC, when ordering)

1, AC / DC (12/24) input, control AC or DC output (motor reversing)

2, working voltage: AC / DC (customer supply)

3, the quiescent current: 10MA

4, Working current: less than 40MA

5, Rated current: less than 10A

6, rated power: less than 500W

7, the operating frequency: 433.92M

8, the working distance: 20 to 30 meters indoors

Decoding: SCM learning code


Third, the Code Description

1. Learning Description: Press learning key about 5S, learning lights, then press any button on the remote control of a learning lights flash three times, after off, indicating learning successfully

2, delete the code Explanation: Press learning key, the lights, do not let go, it has been pressed, until seven lights flash to indicate a successful delete code

Fourth, the controller function: this controller is divided into the remote control and manual control

1, the remote control: Press the remote control • Key: Forward or on press • button: or reverse, press the middle of the = key: to stop; the use of interlocking function, press the up or down button after the motor is rotated in one direction ( stop), only press the stop button on the remote control, the motor will stall

2, the manual function: Hold down the up or down keys, up or down the motor, release stop

3, the controller off automatically released

Note: When you press the switch on the remote control, then press the manual button, the motor is still on, release the manual button, the motor stops; other keys empathy

Scope: lift, hoist, hoist, conveyor, projection screen, electric curtains, electric pylons, garage doors, retractable doors