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Miniature universal wireless remote control receiver shock reminder | silent vibration alarm

Miniature universal wireless remote control receiver shock reminder | silent vibration alarm
  • Miniature universal wireless remote control receiver shock reminder | silent vibration alarm
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Product Name: Wireless remote control vibrating reminder

Product Type: ZDQ15

Operating frequency: 315MHZ / 433MHZ (special frequency can be customized)

Operating voltage: DC1.5V (the 7th battery a grain)

Vibrators have standby power, turn off the power switch when not in use.
If you use a long time, please choose good quality alkaline batteries, good battery life up to 72 hours.

Note: Due to transportation safety and other issues, we are with a good remote control battery, a receiver not equipped with battery !!!

product manual:

The advanced product design, reliable function, mainly for B two (or more) at an inconvenient places speech, mutual remote control to remind each other, make the appropriate action or behavior. Because it is wireless remote control vibrating mode are not afraid of obstacles blocking, to ensure the effectiveness of information transfer and concealment, is indispensable for special occasions messaging tools with each other to pass through remote control signal, high reliability, informative, subtle and strong. reach without opening can also communicate , communication, Tips, hints, warning effect.

Vibration mode:

1, one control (a remote control a vibrator);

2, many control (ie, a remote control multiple vibrators).;

3, a drag four control, a drag six control, a drag eight control (press 1 shake once, press the 2nd key vibration 2 times, according to the 3rd key shaking three times, press the 4th key shaking 4 times. ... Up to 12 times the vibration mode.)

Technical Parameters:

1, remote control distance: 100 meters (usually around 30 meters, built-in antenna distance may be less)

2, single-chip decoder can receive their fixed code, learning code remote control signal

3, the user can switch the vibration from the line according to their own needs

4, the working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃


Please pay attention to electrical safety! Our clients are customers who have a certain electronic infrastructure, for the unauthorized modification or operation is not

When the resulting module and equipment damage, not covered under warranty, please exercise caution.

Remote control products, the most puzzling is the actual remote control distance, it can be affected by many factors, such as: remote terminal

Electricity adequacy of the remote control on the Height, intermediate whether there are obstacles, weather conditions, whether there is co-channel interference, Zhou

Wai Are there electrical interference, and receiver sensitivity, installation location, etc.! Usually the actual distance in accordance with label

Estimated one-third or less, please practice prevail!

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