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2.4G packet intelligent remote control dimmer light tone color temperature LED Bulb

2.4G packet intelligent remote control dimmer light tone color temperature LED Bulb
  • 2.4G packet intelligent remote control dimmer light tone color temperature LED Bulb
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Description: Model JR-RF-E2709-2.4G

2.4G wireless dimmer bulb and remote control Specification

I. Bulb Technical Parameters

1. Input voltage: AC85-265V

2. Input power: 9W ± 1W

3. Output Power: 8.5W ± 1W

4. Power Factor:) 0.55

5. Flux: 900-950 lm

6. Color temperature: 3000-6500K

7. CRI means:) 70

8. Life:) 30000 hours

9. Remote Control Frequency: 2.4GHz

10. dimming function: PWM dimming, dimming Promise 15% to 100%

11. color Function: The Promise color 3000 ~ 6500K

12. Standby power consumption: (1W

13, two of the brightest lights at the same time to open when 50% each.

The brightest single lamp is 100%.

14, the controller output voltage: DC25 ~ 36V

15, the controller output current: constant current 300MA

16, Case Material: Aluminum + acrylic shade

17, product size: 60 * 130mm

18. Interface Standard: external line input

19. Weight: about 0.4kg

II. Remote control Technical parameters

1. Housing Material: ABS

2. Process: UV Varnish

3. Power supply voltage: 1.5V * 2 AAA batteries

4. Standby current: (5uA

5. transmit power: 10mW

6. Product size: 110x52x20mm

7. Weight: about 100g

III. Remote Operating Instructions

1. Power key: Short press to turn on the lights (to maintain the brightness of the last lights), long press the brightest lights

2. Off key: Short press to turn off the lights, press the light darkest (Nightlight brightness)

3. Total Power 'button, short press to open all of the lights (which holds the last lights brightness), long press for all the brightest lights

4. Total off 'button, short press to turn off all the lights off, long press for all light darkest (Nightlight brightness)

5. brighten + 'key: short press for the light to slowly rise, long press for the rapid increase

6. dim - 'key: short press for the light slowly down, long press for quick cut

7. tone warm white 'key: Short press to turn the lights slowly warm white, long press for quick turn warm white

8. tune white 'key: Short press to light slowly turned white, long press for quick turn white

9. The packet switch key: 1-4 packet switch lights key functions such as 1 and 2:00

Note: Dimming plus and minus keys and keys to adjust the color temperature in the group key after being operated on or off button in order to adjust, such as total power button after the operation or the total shutdown button can operate on all the lights.

IV. Learning code Operating Instructions

1. clean code: need to be able to operate the remote control lamp, lamp power within 10 seconds on the power button press three 'open Key 'to see lights flashing 5, the clear success of the code, clear code after this remote does not control, you need to re-learn.

2. Learning grouping of code: for example code 1 'packet switching key 'Group: Click on the 1st group key power button power within 10 seconds' open After 'seeing light flashes three, the learning success of the code, the same as learning other group by the above method, if you want to support multiple remote control, with the other remote control operation by learning the code as above can, as already learn 4 remote control Relearning the first five remote control that will cover the first one remote client code, and so on to be overwritten; learning the code in accordance with the above may be a remote control paired countless lights.