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Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III

Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin cornflakes machinery DSE65-III
Product code: 22453700001
Unit price: 300000 CNY  (43603.39 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 2000000KG
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Jinan Lin developed by Austrian breakfast cereal corn flakes production line production and through constant practice, production equipment continue to improve, increasingly high degree of automation, the production process has changed significantly. Raw corn kernels has been changed at the start of the corn flour, cooking method to the double-screw extruder continuously, on extrusion granulation molding is also a complete, pre-dried tablet molding to make products more uniform taste better. high baking temperature so that the product flavor more prominent.
Advanced industrial equipment and lines formed Jinan Ding Run breakfast cereal corn flakes production line process as follows:
Corn flour, sugar, salt, and other nutrients mixed ingredients → → → cut twin screw extrusion cooking type tabletting → → → pre-drying temperature baking → cornflakes.
Breakfast cereal corn flakes production line process description:
1) Ingredients: corn flakes ingredients is very important to ensure that there seasonings taste good, especially for corn is the raw material requirements of the proportion of various nutrients, is directly related to the ability to make high-quality products cornflakes, and, content.
2) extrusion cooking molding: extrusion cooking corn flakes molding process is the key to producing high quality corn cornflakes process 维尔凯斯凯 Logue (Will Keith Kellogg) invention maize films must not have fully matured yet any expansion, the only way to make a dense, hard and brittle, flavor prominent cornflakes.
3) Cutting: extruded material after aging twin-screw extruder was cut into the same size of the granular material, translucent material.
4) Pre-drying: type of cut material into the dryer pre-drying, the surface after drying to form a certain amount of tension, no longer blocking each other, conducive to the smooth conduct of the tablet.
5) Tablet: tablet production process is also a key piece of corn, high requirements for tableting machine, the roll surface must have a high finish, roll must be constant.
6) high temperature baking: corn flakes whether the product has a hard and brittle, dense structure, highlighting the unique flavor of corn, baking process is essential.
7) After baking, cooling after the cornflakes cornflakes product, now, there are a lot of corn flakes processing step after the coated sugar, salt, fried or coated with chocolate, mostly noted in market demand to decide. Breakfast cereals cornflakes high production requirements, process conditions are harsh, which requires large-scale industrial production, stable and reliable production equipment to ensure the conditions of the various production processes. Jinan Ding Run Machinery Co., Ltd. has for breakfast cereal production technology and equipment for a large number of studies, in order to meet domestic needs production of breakfast cereals, real plight of the imported equipment of high investment, development and production of a twin screw extruder, dryer, tableting machines, baking ovens, etc. breakfast cereal production must equipment and has several well-known food companies in the country to get a good application. breakfast cereal corn flakes breakfast cereals production line extruder breakfast porridge equipment.