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Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II

Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II
  • Austrian company Jinan Lin soy protein equipment DSE77-II
Product code: 22453400001
Unit price: 500000 CNY  (72844.89 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 2000000KG
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The latest domestic production line of tissue protein, my Austrian Lin Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with practical experience of more than ten years to develop food equipment developed a new type of puffing equipment. The production line is at a low temperature soybean meal as the main raw material, production traits and diverse, with lean meat to chew sense, easily digested, nutritious bean protein foods organization widely used canned food, seasoning, ham, meat, cooking and other industries. in soybean meal, peanut meal as the main raw material, grinding, mixing, tune quality, high temperature, high pressure, high shear, the globular protein molecules to open a chain and re-organization, the formation of lamellar fibrous structure; high nutritional value of their products, with status and taste of meat, free of cholesterol and animal fat, with oil, water, smoke flavor characteristics, widely used in various industries.
Especially peanut tissue protein, is the first at home and abroad, it is delicate tissue, clear fiber, and animal muscle is very similar to the state, and no beany flavor.
Tissue protein isolate can replace protein added to meat products, so not only can increase the protein content of meat products, but also absorb excess fat, so that non-greasy and more sensual, achieve economical purposes.
Also good pieces of tissue protein-like structure, a variety of flavors can be made by soaking the vegetarian food during processing of tissue protein, you can add different flavoring agents, and then add convenience foods and snack foods, and they can different flavors of food prepared.
Soybean protein characteristics:
Currently mainly soybean protein defatted soy flour, soy protein concentrate or soy protein isolate as the raw material, mixing, extrusion, extruded products made under the influence of mechanical and thermal its high nutrition, better functionality , it has the following characteristics:
1, after the extruder expanded to re-protein molecules arranged in neat rows, with the same direction of the organization structure, similar to meat-like porous organization, so there is good water retention and chew;
2, after a short-term high-temperature, high-moisture and high-pressure processing, eliminating the harmful substances in soy (trypsin inhibin, urease, saponin and blood cell lectin etc.), improve the body's protein absorbing capacity, dramatically increase the nutritional value;
3, when expanded, since the exit of rapid decompression jet burst can be removed soybeans and reduce bad smell after eating soy protein production gas;
4, soybean protein has a good oil retention, and use it to make food clean, not greasy;
5, easy to use, soaked with water at room temperature for 30 minutes, can be added to make a variety of foods;
6, soybean protein does not contain cholesterol, people with cardiovascular disease, people can rest assured that food;
7, soybean protein is an ideal plant protein, containing eight essential amino acids the human body (leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, and valine acid);
8, divided on the shape of the sheet-like soybean protein, and large pieces of particle type; divided colors from the color red to achieve more versatile.