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Pet Food Machine

Pet Food Machine
  • Pet Food Machine
  • Pet Food Machine
  • Pet Food Machine
  • Pet Food Machine
Product code: 22453200001
Unit price: 3000 CNY  (435.78 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 250000KG
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Food production equipment Lin Austrian Expanded Machinery Co., Ltd. based on market demand requirements, research and development of various types of pet food production line, depending on the yield of the dog food production equipment also has a variety of configurations to meet different customer needs the dog food production equipment by adjusting the raw material, temperature, moisture and other parameters, the product has a novel shape, unique taste, nutrient-rich, delicate tissue of the characteristics, suitable for different tastes pets. the equipment is widely used in the production of dog food dog , cats, fish, foxes and a variety of pet food production, is the ideal choice for all manufacturers.
Food production equipment process: preparation of raw materials → → Mix flour Extruded conveying → drying → → → seasoning injector → (packing) Food production equipment equipment configuration: Mix flour extruder machine → → → five electric air conveyor oven injection machine → → octagonal barrel → (packing machine)
1. Provide all kinds of basic formula;
2. A variety of shapes to choose from;
3. free installation
4. The staff responsible for training;
5. year free warranty.
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