Corn puffed food equipment

Corn puffed food equipment

Product description:

Twin-screw extruder to adapt to a wide range of raw materials, product shape more configuration flexibility to choose different models and configurations can produce different products now, puffed food machinery applications are mainly: First, corn and potato as raw materials production of various kinds of leisure small food; Second flour as raw materials to produce all kinds of imitation food; Third, plant protein raw materials to produce tissue-like protein foods (commonly known as artificial meat); Fourth, cereals, beans or potatoes as a raw material, after puffing made after staple food. also, according to the different combinations of equipment can also produce other products.
Jinan Ding Run the latest, best-selling puffed food production line adopts the advanced twin-screw extrusion cooking technology with the most ordinary common wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour production through extrusion cooking on the market a variety of popular shapes of puffed food, potato Article potato chips, crispy rice, Wheat chicken sandwich rice cakes, rice crackers and other extruded snack small food; can also be converted molds and auxiliary equipment, production nutrition powder, flakes porridge and various forms of the puffed snack foods. automatic production line in order to 'raw material widely applicable, easy operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high yield' and so on in the domestic leading level.
Jinan Lin Austrian puffed food production line Expanded food out of a wide variety, compact shape, nutrient-rich, crisp spiced food. Thus, a unique form of a large class of food. And a simple package of puffed food equipment structure, easy to operate , less investment in equipment, quick gains.
Expanded food production line equipment consists of: Mix flour machine - twin screw extruder - plastic multifunction machine - Big raiser - three electric oven - Automatic flavoring line Expanded food production line process: raw material mixing - extrusion puffing - trimming - upgrading transport - baking - injection seasoning