Flake Ice Machine For Supermarket LR-3T

Flake Ice Machine For Supermarket LR-3T

Product description:

Product specification:

1. Flake ice mchine for supermarket

2. Daily out put 3000 kg

3. Cooling type: air-cooled&water cooled

4. Stainless steel outside and inside

5. CE OEM order

LIER flake ice machine advantage:

1. Reasonable design for the structure, save space, easy to install.
2. Greatly save energy, only 80-85kw power is consumed to produce one ton ice.
3. Ice dropping automatically, no ice dropping auxiliary equipment, lower error rate.
4. Special ice outlet, no need take ice by hand, which can guaratee the ice clean and sanitary.
5. Install as the operation instruction, supply failure alarming system, no need worker to monitor.

Flake ice machine Application

1) Fishing-Sea water flake ice machine can make ice directly from the sea water, ice can be used in fast cooling of fish and other sea products. Fishing industry is the largest application field of flake ice machine.

2) Sea food process-Flake ice can lower the temperature of cleaning water and sea products, therefore it resists the growth of bacteria and keeps the sea food fresh.

3) Bakery-During the mixing of flour and milk, can prevent the flour from self raising by adding flake ice.

4) Poultry-Huge amount of heat will be generated in food processing, flake ice can effectively cool the meat and water air, also supply moisture for the products at the meantime.

5) Vegetables distribution and fresh-keeping-Now days, in order to guarantee the safety of food, such as vegetables, fruit and meat, more and more physical methods of storing and transporting are being adopted. Flake ice has a fast cooling effect so as to ensure the applied object will not be damaged by bacteria.

6) Medicine-In most cases of biosynthesis and chemosynthesis, flake ice is used to control the reaction rate and maintain the liveness . Flake ice is sanitary, clean with rapid temperature reduction effect. It is the most ideal temperature-reducing carrier.

7) Concrete Cooling-Flake ice is used as the direct source of water in concrete cooling process, more than 80% in weight. It is a perfect media of temperature controlling, can achieve effective and controllable mixing effect. Concrete will not crack if is been mixed and poured in constant and low temperature. Flake ice is widely used in the large projects such as high standard express way, bridge, hydro-plant and nuclear power plant.