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Ice Generator

Ice Generator
  • Ice Generator
  • Ice Generator
  • Ice Generator
  • Ice Generator
Product code: 22452900001
Unit price: 1549.78-175468 CNY
Reference price: 225.26-25503.33 USD
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LIER ice generator configuration:

Generator: efficient heat exchanger alloy liner

Upper and lower base: case aluminum

Ice blade: 304 stainless steel spiral blade

Pumps: vertical circulating water pump corrosion

Salt water pumps: corrosion resistant pulse-metering pump

Water tank: 304 stainless steel tank with insulation

Power: 3P/ 380v/ 50Hz

Water supply: diameter1/2', Pressure of 0.14Mpa

LIER ice generator features:

1) Fast Cooling

LIER flake ice evaporator has more contact areas and provides greater cooling efficiency due to the outstanding heat exchange efficiency.

2) Good hardness

LIER flake ice evaporator ismade of stainless steel or carbon steel, with stronger hardness after our special processing, the lifespan is over 20 years.

3) Sanitary Ice

Flake ice is made inside of the evaporator, so it isnot exposed to ambient conditions or mechanical handling. Therefore, it is more sanitary than other types of ice which require more mechanical and humanhandling.

4) Cost & LaborSaving

Flake ice production requiresless mechanical and human labors than block ice, and flake ice production does not require a defrost cycle.

5) No Wasted Water

LIER flake ice machine recycles all unfrozenwater back to the ice evaporator, so no water is wasted. This ensures that all water is converted to flake ice and conserves water resources.

6) Wide Application

Both freshwater and seawater are available for LIER ice evaporator, but the seawater should be advised in advance.

LIER ice generator using condition:

Ambient temperatuer: 25°C

water inlet temperature. 15°C

Evaporation temperature: -22 °C

Condensing temperature: 45°C