Multi-axis locking screw machine SD4040

Multi-axis locking screw machine SD4040

Product description:

model SD4040
Dimensions (mm) 500 (W) * 700 (D) * 1600 (H)
power supply Single-phase 220V 500W
Gas source 5-8kg / cm ^ 2
Location accuracy 0.02mm
control method PLC
Table size 500mm * 500mm
Adaptation screw

Diameter 2mm-8mm

Length 3mm-40mm
Batch Number 4 standard, you can choose to install up to 12
Workholding custom made

Screwdriver Mounts

Positioning drive systems, cylinder drive, THK precision guide rods

Pressure stabilization system and automatic screw conveyors

Locking system, high precision THK guides, adjustable torque screwdriver

Height positioning and location of fixtures. Adapt to different workpiece height