Screw lock handheld payment machine RT-1050

Screw lock handheld payment machine RT-1050

Product description:

  1.  tech automatic move feeder combination of precision electric screwdriver, lock pay a yield of 99%

  2.  support arm parallel with the high-tech, precision lock pay to meet the requirements, improve quality lock pay

  3.  feed screw clamps provide tailored according to customers, to ensure smooth and stable operation

  4.  claw at the tip outer diameter precision children, were locked adapt pay in rugged environments.
    Claw head and the screw head up to the minimum spacing 0.75m / m

  5.  Automatic screw screwdriver fast and stable delivery to the front, to enhance the efficiency of lock pay

  6.  pay were designed to follow is locked lock pay fixture and increase the count function to facilitate the lock pay management

Model Specifications:

project RT-1050
Torque cap 18
Power supply

AC 110V / 220V

Working pressure 5.5 (± 0.5) kg / cm2
Lock pay way Automatic choice of materials, manually lock pay
Screw supply mode Regulation-course feed
Working temperature0-40℃
Working humidity 20-90% non-condensing
Applicable lock pay frequency 50pcs / min
Applicable screw specifications

Tooth diameter M2.6mm-M5.0mm

Tooth length 4-25mm, long tooth head diameter ≥ 2mm

Head diameter 3.2-7mm, head diameter ≥ 1.3 times the diameter teeth
Feeder size 380 x 240 x 385mm
Electric screwdriver size Φ36 x L322mm
product weight 26KG
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