Welcomes the Association ML-350SM electric screwdriver

Welcomes the Association ML-350SM electric screwdriver

Product description:

  1. No toner spillage design motor, no carbon dust pollution, especially for industries such as electronics 5C dust-free environment.

  2. Low-voltage motor drive, safe and comfortable. Complies with the EMC standard design .

  3. Motor and gear is specially designed exercise vibration, low noise, torque error of ± 3% or less, and easy maintenance.

  4. Continuous use motor almost no heat .

  5. In the front end is equipped with a suction part sorption screws, screw sucked by vacuum pressure head screwdriver, saving time to take the screw .

  6. It can also be used for magnetic screw vain, but also absorb the dust generated in the screw step .

  7. The power supply inside the controller comes with pump, variable speed control, speed matching between 300-1000rmp own .

Torque adjustment range N · m
lbf · in
(Kgf · cm) 0.15-2.0
Transform torque Stepless adjustment
Torque accuracy (% ) ±3
No load speed
(r.p.m) ± 10%
Body length
Body weight
Applicable heads Ф4 Round Bit
Applicable transformer CLT-20
Applicable Screw Mechanical tooth1.0-2.0

Can be customized ESD anti-static type .

Welcome to inquire, 18617045504 ( Manager Zhao ) .

Can e-mail asks for data offer sheet .jackcyzhao @ 126. Com