Welcomes the Association of BL-6500 electric screwdriver

Welcomes the Association of BL-6500 electric screwdriver

Product description:

  1. Welcome to inquire, 18617045504 ( Manager Zhao ) .

    Can e-mail asks for data offer sheet .jackcyzhao @ 126. Com

    Adopt brushless motor, no impact on the substance of electronic components

  2. High-precision motors, safe and comfortable, complies with the EMC standard design

  3. Motor and gear is specially designed exercise vibration, low noise, torque error within ± 3%, easy maintenance

  4. All Japanese industrial switch, long life

Torque adjustment range N · m
lbf · in
(Kgf · cm) 2.0-20
Transform torque Stepless adjustment
Torque accuracy (% ) ±3
No load speed
(r.p.m) ± 10%
HI 760
LOW 550
Body length 210
Body weight 310
Applicable heads

Ф4 Round Bit

Ф5 Hex Bit

Ф1 / 4 Hex Bit
Applicable transformer CLT-20
Applicable Screw Mechanical tooth 2.0-5.0
Tapping 2.0-4.0

Hex Arbor ( Special Note ) When ordering, tip not included .
Can be customized ESD anti-static type .