Welcomes the Association ML-650m electric screwdriver

Welcomes the Association ML-650m electric screwdriver

Product description:

  1. No toner spillage design motor, no carbon dust pollution, especially for industries such as electronics 5C dust-free environment.

  2. Low-voltage motor drive, safe and comfortable. Complies with the EMC standard design.

  3. Motor and gear is specially designed exercise vibration, low noise, torque error of ± 3% or less, and easy maintenance.

  4. Continuous use motor almost no fever

  5. In the front end is equipped with a suction part sorption screws, screw sucked by vacuum pressure head screwdriver, saving time to take the screw.

  6. It can also be used for magnetic screw vain, but also absorb the dust generated in the screw step.

  7. The power supply inside the controller comes with pump, variable speed control, speed matching between 300-1000rmp own.

Torque adjustment range N · m
lbf · in
(Kgf · cm) 3.0-16
Transform torque Stepless adjustment
Torque accuracy (%) ±3
No load speed
(R.p.m) ± 10%
HI 760
LOW 550
Body length
Body weight
Applicable heads Ф5 Round Bit

Ф5 Hex Bit

Ф1 / 4 Hex Bit
Applicable transformer CLT-20
Applicable Screw Mechanical tooth 2.0-5.0
Tapping 2.0-4.0

Hex Arbor (Special Note) When ordering, tip not included.
Can be customized ESD anti-static type.

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