Welcomes the Association of TL-2000 electric screwdriver

Welcomes the Association of TL-2000 electric screwdriver

Product description:

Ergonomic and non-slip design, small size, light weight, high efficiency, long time job does not feel tired.
Low-voltage DC motor drive, safe and comfortable, EMC electromagnetic compatibility standard design.
Imported motor, will not produce adverse effects on the electronic components of the material.
Motor and gear structure with professional balanced design, when running small vibration, low noise.
Torque precise degree of stability, the lock to the set torque value, disposable accurately trip, no repeated braking phenomenon, torque accuracy to within ± 5%, to ensure quality control requirements of the job.
Concentric inner and outer connecting shaft machining, head rotation particularly positive, not missed screws.
Axis precision machining, reduce mechanical friction and prolong the service life screwdriver.
Shell anti-static design to meet the requirements of anti-static customer operations.
Sophisticated internal body structure, easy maintenance, replaceable carbon brushes directly from the outside.
Warranty: finished product parts together standardized, fast enough to provide a complete service assurance.
Torque adjustment range N · m
lbf · in
(Kgf · cm) 0.2-1.5
Transform torque Stepless adjustment
Torque accuracy (%) ±3
No load speed
(R.p.m) ± 10%
Body length
Body weight
Applicable heads Ф4 Round Bit
Applicable transformer CLT-20
Applicable Screw Mechanical tooth1.0-2.0

Can be customized ESD anti-static type.

Welcome to inquire, 18617045504 (Manager Zhao).

Can e-mail asks for data offer sheet .jackcyzhao @ 126. Com