Automatic out of tin welding system CCB-375B

Automatic out of tin welding system CCB-375B

Product description:

  1. Iron using high-frequency heating, K temperature sensor, temperature and warmed fast, lead-free solder can be equipped with a variety of long-life tip, easy to use.

  2. Microcomputer display, push-button thermostat, digital temperature calibration and has automatic sleep function.

  3. Automatic and manual modes to choose send tin and tin times can be set

  4. Tin speed, the amount of tin, tin interval can be adjusted, and provided with adjustable back tin function, with less waste of solder

  5. Tin can configure two hoses, easier to use and convenient.

  6. Long hose for welding activities; short hose for stationary welding.

  7. Foot switch can be configured out of tin and tin manual switch, also available as a separate use of lead-free soldering station.

  8. Anti-static design, to avoid sensitive electronic components damaged by static electricity.

  9. According to customer needs, matching tin tin broken one function

Temperature adjustment range200℃-480℃
Temperature stability (no load) ±2℃
Tip-to-ground potential (2mv
Input voltage / frequency 220V / 110V 50Hz / 60Hz
Output voltage / frequency 36V / 400KHz
Maximum power90W


Stepper motor

Tin speed

About 2.7-27mm / s

Tin interval


The amount of tin 0-150mm
Back tin time 0-0.9s (approximately 0-25mm)
Tin way

Automatic (1-9)

Manual (0)
Tin wire diameter 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6mm
Available amount of solder Maximum 1KG Reel

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