Smoke purification system YJ-400 / YJ-400M

Smoke purification system YJ-400 / YJ-400M

Product description:

  1. PWM speed control system uses, can amount to achieve the air flow continuously and accurately adjusted according to smoke generation. This model uses high-power brushless, long life, low noise fan, which can effectively absorb smoke emissions, and the maximum extension filter life. purification device filtration system consists of two pre-filter and main filter composed of a pre-filter can absorb relatively large particles in the gas stream to avoid premature primary filter is clogged main filter consists of HEPA filter elements and the composition of the gas filter, HEPA high efficiency filter cartridge for 0.3 micron particle filtration efficiency of 99.99% area, gas filter can effectively remove the harmful gas stream.

  2. Fume purification machines easy to install, the dust cleaner exhaust gas treated by the national authority of the department to achieve indoor air emission standards, and improve indoor air quality requirements.

project YJ-400 / YJ-400M (light-emitting alarm)
Number of stations1-4
Fan flow 450m3 / h
System flow (including overcurrent device) 390m3 / h
Filtration efficiency 0.3 m / 99.99%
Output Power240W

Less than 55dB

Nipple 2 * 50mm arm length 1.5m
control PWM Speed
Input voltage AC 220V / 110V 60Hz / 50Hz
Dimensions (L * W * H) 900 * 530 * 500mm
Body weight 66KG

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