Selective soldering CCB-880LF

Selective soldering CCB-880LF

Product description:

  1. specifications:

  2. Scope: through-hole circuit board is partially selective soldering or rework

  3. Machine size: L1600 * W880 * H850mm

  4. PCB board size: Max_600 * 600mm

  5. Rework pieces Size: Max_170 * 50mm

  6. Machine Total power: 7.5KW

  7. Preheating temperature: Max_180 ℃

  8. Preheat positioning lift: 30mm

  9. Molten tin temperature: Max_350 ℃

  10. Yung tin: 16Kg

  11. Tin stove lift: Pneumatic

  12. Tin stove lift range: 50mm

  13. PCB board Location: manual

  14. Weight: about 100Kg

  1. Features:

  2. Specifically for large circuit board design, suitable for larger circuit board welding or repair;

  3. PCB clamp bracket, adjust the easy to use, the direction of size adjustable, suitable for a variety of board;

  4. Far infrared preheating to prevent local heat generation on line damage;

  5. Thimble lift system to prevent deformation of PCB board preheat, sever other large board designed for;

  6. Pneumatic lifting small tin stoves, smooth movements;

  7. Interchangeable crest tin mouth, for a variety of size parts rework, you can simply replace the relevant fixture;

  8. Tin wave inverter control, tin-stable and bright, unique pattern off the tin, welding good rate over traditional tin stove;

  9. Timing control desoldering, Beeper, high efficiency;

  10. Titanium metal tin bath for lead-free and high temperature;

  11. PID temperature control, low quality power, heating fast response, temperature accuracy of 2 degrees;

  12. Preheat an appointment one week reactive power;

  13. Temperature protection, melting Xihoumada drive functions;

  14. Preheating, the peak heating, control integrated design, simple and convenient;

  1. Machine configuration:

    Furnace section:

  2. Dimensions: 1600 (L) * 880 (W) * 850mm (H);

  3. Main frame: with 40 * 40 square pass welding production, surface paint handling;

  4. Sealing plate: t1.2mm cold plate bending welding production;

  5. Fan: Using 120 * 120mm 220V-25W-1440r / min high-fan;

  6. Location: bottom with M12 machine Positioning feet Cup, height ± 25mm adjustable;

    Preheat section:

  7. Dimensions: 580 * 580mm;

  8. Preheat Size: 450 * 450mm;

  9. Preheat plate: shell is made of 1.5 steel production, filled with high-temperature insulation cotton, using far infrared heating plate heating plate with aluminum plate is made;

  10. Preheat power: 3.0KW;

  11. Preheating temperature: room temperature ~ 150 ℃ continuously adjustable;

  12. Preheat Temperature: dual digital display high-temperature control device, temperature error ± 5 ℃;

  13. Preheat positioning lifting: pneumatic;

    Tin stove parts:

  14. Dimensions: 400 * 220 * H170m;

  15. Housing material: Full use 1.2mm stainless steel plate;

  16. Hob material: full use 2.0mm thick titanium plate production;

  17. Stove plate size: 210 * 150 * D120m;

  18. Jet Motor: WTW90W speed motor;

  19. Governor: Inverter;

  20. Yung tin: 16Kg;

  21. Jet orifice size: with the relevant specifications of the nozzle;

  22. Heating: stainless steel heat pipe, power is 2.0KW;

  23. Thermostat: PID high-quality dual digital temperature control device temperature, the furnace temperature error of ± 3 ℃, with over-temperature protection features;

  24. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 350 ℃ continuously adjustable;

  25. Tin stove lift: Pneumatic;

    PCB parts:

  26. Longitudinal rails: Using Ф16 rail;

  27. Horizontal rails: Using Ф12 rail;

  28. Portrait Fixture: Using Ф12 rail;

  29. Transverse Fixture: Using Ф12 rail;

  30. Fixture Chain Claw: special stainless steel chain claws;

  31. PCB Rack: using aluminum production, PCB maximum size of 600 * 600mm;

  32. Move: Manual;

    control box:

  33. Installed directly on the body, switches, buttons, governor, thermostats and other uniform high-quality brands of electronic components;

  34. With automatic thermostat function;

  35. Automatic lifting timing function;

  36. Frequency control function;

    Structural diagram:

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