High frequency Soldering Station ST-95

High frequency Soldering Station ST-95

Product description:

  1. Amazing heating rate: from room temperature to 350 ℃ never more than 18 seconds.

  2. Intelligent perfect welding: plenty of power, and with solder size changes, and then a big able to complete a perfect welding joints, can effectively avoid cold welding caused the connection is not secure.

  3. Heat recovery magic skills: the magic temperature compensation speed can solve the contradiction of lead-free soldering process temperatures generated, are lead-free soldering tool, but also under certain low temperature soldering of essential tools.

  4. Extend tip lifetime: soldering temperature is relatively reduced greatly extended tip life.

  5. Automatic sleep to save energy: After more than four hours in standby, the product will automatically sleep when used again, simply press any key, temperature is quickly recovered to the original settings, can also be extended to ensure safety tip life.

  6. Password lock temperature: Stable welding temperature solder joint quality assurance, this product can easily use the password lock temperature, others can not arbitrarily change the set temperature.

  7. The heating element and tip sub-structure: the two split design can completely avoid the heating element together with the tip replacement and unnecessary losses can be significant savings and reduce losses.

Temperature adjustment range100℃-600℃
Temperature stability (no load) ±3℃
Input voltage / frequency 220V / 110V 50Hz / 60Hz
Output voltage / frequency 36V AC 400KHz
Maximum power95W
Heating time (20 ℃ -350 ℃) 15s

Temperature compensation rate

Temperature drop


Heating Type


Heating principle High frequency eddy
Tip to ground resistance (2Ω
Tip-to-ground potential (2mv
Automatic sleep function Have
Temperature lock mode Password lock
Anti-static case Aluminum housing, durable
weight 2.8kg

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