Ion fan XC-650S

Ion fan XC-650S

Product description:

  • Inherent in the balance

  • Current: 0-10V

  • The exchange of technology, ion indicate

  • Can add the heaters and lighting

In addition to electrostatic ion wind machine speed tests table
Test objectXC-650S
Test locationDetermination of projectTest distance (front)
30CM60CM90CM 120CM
Left 25CM + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) 3322
Central + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) 3221
Right 25CM + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) -3112

Technical parameters
Working voltage: 220VAC/50Hz or 11VAC/60Hz
Current consumption: 0.23A or 0.46A
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Air volume: 300-440 CFM
Air space: 550*1200
Outside dimensions: D240*W660*H240
Net weight: 7.5Kg

Speed test: Measurement distance
Number of tests30CM60CM90CM 120CM
Central (M/S) I21.81.30.8

Speed test: Measurement distance
30CM60CM90CM 120CM
Left 25cm2.
Right 25cm2.

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