Ion fan XG-003

Ion fan XG-003

Product description:

Can provide a balanced ion flow, a wide range of concentrated area static eliminator. May eliminate or neutralize the target or focus on a wide range of contact area is not easy to electrostatic charge. Is a precision electronic products, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packaging and molding the ideal small static eliminator.
  • Strong wind fan, three-beam wind output, more powerful ion

  • From the efficiency of ion exchange technology to produce a greater amount of ion generation, more stable, in addition to static speed.

  • Ion balance self-diagnosis function, timely display the working status.

  • Precision ion balance voltage up to ± 5V

  • Continuous speed regulation, use of variable speed technology, air volume adjustment smoother

  • Hanging installation, more conducive to the use of the pipeline.

In addition to electrostatic ion fan speed test table
Test object XC-1000
Test position Determination of project Test distance (front)
30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
The left 50CM + (Sec)
- (second)
Ion balance (V) 2321
central + (Sec)
- (second)
Ion balance (V) -3221
Right side 50CM + (Sec)
- (second)
Ion balance (V) 4-3-1-1

Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage: 220VAC / 50Hz or 11VAC / 60Hz
Current consumption: 0.38A or 0.76A
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Air volume: 210-345 CFM
Airflow area: 1200*900
External dimensions: L1100 * W184 * H110
net weight: 11.7Kg

Winds from the test: Measuring distance
Testing times 30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
Outlet center (M / S) I1.

Winds from the test: Measuring distance
30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
Left 50cm1.
Right 50cm1.
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