Ion air gun TOP

Ion air gun TOP

Product description:

Ion air guns produce large amounts of air mass with positive and negative charges, and fast blowing with compressed air, it will go through the body ionizing radiation in the area of the charge and out, when brought to the surface negative charge, it will attract positively charged radiation zone, when brought to the surface positively charged, it will attract the negatively charged region of radiation, so that the static on the surface to be in and, to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity. balance voltage ± 10V.
Features :
Wind power, light weight
Built-in air filter (0.02um)
Clear static electricity quickly
Balance voltage : ± 10V

In addition to electrostatic ion air gun speed test table
Test object TOP-GUN
Test position Determination of project Test distance ( in front of 5Kg / CM² stress tests )
15CM 30CM 45CM 60CM
central + ( Sec )
- (second) 0.711.72.3
Ion balance (V) 109108

Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage: 220VAC / 50Hz or 11VAC / 60Hz
Current consumption: 0.12A or 0.24A
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Compressed air pressure: 3-5Kg / CM²
net weight: Kg

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