Ion fan type XG-104

Ion fan type XG-104

Product description:

  1. Features:

  2. Strong wind fan, four beam wind output, wide type.

  3. From the efficiency of ion exchange technology to produce a greater amount of ion generation, more stable, in addition to static speed.

  4. Ion balance self-diagnosis function, timely display the working status.

  5. Precision ion balance voltage up to ± 5V

  6. Continuous speed regulation, use of variable speed technology, air volume adjustment smoother

  7. Hanging installation, more conducive to the use of the pipeline.

In addition to electrostatic ion fan speed test table
Test object XG-104
Test position Determination of project Test distance (front)
30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
The left 60CM + (Sec)
- (second) 0.60.924
Ion balance (V) 3321
central + (Sec)
- (second)
Ion balance (V) -3221
Right side 60CM + (Sec)
- (second)
Ion balance (V) 4-3-1-1

Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage: 220VAC / 50Hz or 11VAC / 60Hz
Current consumption: 0.95A or 1.90A
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Air volume: 700-1100 CFM
Airflow area: 1200*1200
External dimensions: L1200 * W250 * H160
net weight: 19Kg

Winds from the test: Measuring distance
Testing times 30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
Outlet center (M / S) I2.

Winds from the distribution of the test: Measuring distance
30CM 60CM 90CM 120CM
Left 60cm2.
Right 60cm2.

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