Ion fan DC-101B

Ion fan DC-101B

Product description:

Can provide a balanced Ionic airflow, static elimination of the wide scope of areas. Or can be eliminated and wide range set goals or not easy to contact area of static charge. Is a precision electronic products, electronic Assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packing and ideal static Eliminator of small products.
  • Large volume, high efficiency and self-balancing self-diagnosis ionizing air blower

  • Modular design for easy maintenance

  • Ion balance test, abnormal alarm

  • High precision ion balance voltage ± 5V

In addition to electrostatic ion wind machine speed tests table
Test objectDC-101B
Test locationDetermination of projectTest distance (front)
15CM30CM45CM 60CM75CM90CM
Left 15CM + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) -2-10113
Central + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) 22112-1
Right 15CM + (秒)
- (秒)
Ion balance (v) 331201

Technical parameters
Working voltage: 220VAC/50Hz or 11VAC/60Hz
Current consumption: 0.11A or 0.23A
Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃
Air volume: 80-115 CFM
Air space: 300*600
Outside dimensions: D100*W190*H245
Net weight: 3.2Kg

Speed test: Measurement distance
Number of tests15CM30CM45CM 60CM75CM90CM
Central (M/S) I3.

Speed test: Measurement distance
Number of tests15CM30CM45CM 60CM75CM90CM
Left 15cm0.
Right 15cm0.
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