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LS118 Crane Track Shoe

LS118 Crane Track Shoe
  • LS118 Crane Track Shoe
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Supply of crane track shoe

Keywords: crawler track shoe, heavy track shoe, crawler cranes crawler plate My company specializes in the supply of large crawler cranes crawler plate, excavator track shoe.

Products are: 50T, 80T, 100T, 250T, 320T, 350T, 450T, 600T, 1000T crawler plate; track shoe single weight from 60KG to 850KG.

Currently major products supporting the supply: China Sany, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry, China Fuwa, China Shandong Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry, China Taiwan, Germany Demag, the United States, Japan's Ishikawajima, Sumitomo, Japan Kobelco crawler crane and mining shovel manufacturers and users. products have been exported to Russia, Japan, Britain, Denmark, India, the Middle East and Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Products selected for high strength large construction machinery developed low-alloy steel.

The company also supporting the production of supporting wheels crawler cranes and large excavators, carrier rollers, wheel, guide wheel, bearing and other structural parts Products in strict accordance with ISO9001:. 2000 international quality system implementation of quality control, product quality and reliable longevity durable, affordable, timely delivery.

The main species include:

Crane brand

Part of the crane model

Hitachi Hitachi:

KH70, KH100 / 30T, KH100-2 / 3, KH100D, KH125-1 / 2/3 (35T), KH150 / 1/2/3 (40T), KH180-1 / 2/3 (50T), KH300 / 80T , KH500 / 100T, KH700 / 150T, KH700-2, KH850 / 150T, KH1000 / 200T, CX300, CX500, CX900HD

Kobelco KOBELCO:

P & H335 / 35T, P & H440S / 40T, P & H550 / 50T, BM500HD, BM700HD, BM700HD-2, 7035 / 35T, 7045 / 40T, 7055 / 50T, 70657080 / 80T, 70907100 / 100T, 71207150 / 150T, 72007250 / 250T, 7300, CKE2500

Sumitomo Sumitomo:

SC500, SC550, SC650, SC800, SC1000, SC1500, SD205, SC500-2 / 50T, SC700 / 70T, SC2500 / 250T, LS78R, LS98, LS108BSS, LS108RH-3, LS108 / 40T, LS118RH-5, LS118-5 / 50T, LS120, LS218 / 80T, LS238 / 100T, LS248 / 150T, LS368, LS468


CH500, CCH250W, CCH280W, CCH500 / 50T, CCH500-3, CH400, DCH700 / 70T, DCH800 (80T), CCH800, CCH1500E, CCH2500 / 250T, CC500-2, LS78RS, LS108RH, LS118RH, LS138, LS218, LS238, LS248 , SC350



4100WS1 / 180-272T, 4100S, 4600S4 / 317.5, M250 / 250T, M250 / 250T, M2250 / 272T, M999 / 250T, M4600 / 317.5T, M18000 / 600T, M21000 / 1000T

Demag Demag:

CC1400 / 250T, CC1800 / 300T, CC2000 / 300T, CC2200 / 350T, CC2400 / 400T, CC2500 / 450T, CC2800 / 600T, CC5800 / 1000T

Kato KATO:

NK160B, NK200B, NK250E, NK300, NK400, NK800, NK1200

Krupp Krupp:

KMK4070 / 70 T, KMK5160 / 160T, KMK6200 / 200 T

Grove Grove:

GMK3050, RT4090, RT6250, RT6350, RT625, RT700, RT1650, RT9130


DH308, DH408, DH508, DH608, D308, D408




SCX350, SCX900, SCX2000

Sany Sany, Zoomlion Zoomlion, XCMG XCMG various models

Some models are available from stock. More product demand, welcome letters and telegrams to consult!
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