Taiwan CROWN fan AGE09225B24H

Taiwan CROWN fan AGE09225B24H

Product description:

Supply Taiwan CROWN fan AGE09225B24H 9225mm

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24V 1.8m3 / min Technical Specifications:



Technical Specifications:

product number: AGE09225B24H

Brand: CROWN

place of origin: Taiwan

Outside dimensions : 92 * 92 * 25mm

Rated voltage: DC24V

Current Rating: 0.16A

air flow: 57.38CFM

rated power: 3.84W

Rated speed : 3500rpm

Noise level : 41dbA

Motor structure : shaded pole motor structure ;

Frame Material : Plastic (UL 94V-0)

Blade Material : Plastic (UL 94V-0) ;

Bearing configuration: precision, long-life dual ball bearing ;

Operating temperature: -10 to +70

Storage temperature : -40 ~+75

Product Weight: 79g

Delivery: 2 Delivery within

Technical specifications:

Model: AGE09225B24H

Size: 92 * 92 * 25mm

Rated Voltage: DC24V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

. Max Rated Current: 0.16A

Speed: 3500rpm

Maximum Air Flow: 57.38CFM.

Noise: 41dB

Ball bearing: -10 to +70

Weights: 79 g

Delivery time: 2 days