Highway crash facilities waveform fence panels

Highway crash facilities waveform fence panels

Product description:

Waveform fence, wave beam steel guardrail, highway guardrail entity factory: Guan County, Shandong Junan Stamping Co., Ltd.

Prices according to different specifications waveform fence fence panels, columns, column caps, discourage block holder and so on with, not the same price per meter, detailed consultation phone 18663589565, QQ1833227683

Waveform fence accessories include: tip, flange columns, transition plates, beams gaskets, bolts, three-wave plate discourage block, double-wave plate discourage blocks, brackets, column caps

The most common model is the wave guardrail Gr-A-4E per 1000 meters Gr-A-4E amount guardrail members were: 250 corrugated sheet column 250 column cap 250 Fangzu block (or bracket) 250. Bolt M16 * 170250 sets .M16 * 42250 sets .M16 * 352000 sets.

Waveform guardrail parameters:

(1) Dual Waveform plate: Length 4320mm, plate width 310mm (flat width 480mm), wave deep 85mm.

Thickness 3mm / 4mm.

(2) Three wave-shaped plate: Length 4320mm, plate width 506mm, wave deep 85mm, thickness 4mm.

(3) Round column: diameter 140 / 114mm, wall thickness column 4 / 4.5mm.

Column length 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2150mm.

(4) Square column: the length 130mm, wall thickness of 6mm, length 2540mm.

(5) Column Cap: thickness 2 / 3mm, pitch 100 / 150mm, diameter 114 / 140mm.

(6) Fangzu block: 196 * 178 * 200mm, thickness of the partition 3/4 / 4.25 / 4.5mm.

(7) bays: length 300mm, width 70mm, thickness of sub-4mm / 4.5mm.

(8) Bolts: M16 * 170 / M16 * 150 / M16 * 50 / M16 * 42 / M16 * 35

Waveform guardrail Model: Gr-A-4E, Gr-Am-4E, Gr-Am-2E, Gr-A-2E, Gr-SB-2E, Gr-SB-2C, Gr-A-2B1, Gr-SB- 2C, Gr-A-4C, Gr-A-2C, Gr-SB-1B1.

Waveform fence belongs: cold-rolled, semi-rigid barrier.

Waveform fence material: Q235 high quality steel

Waveform guardrail Surface treatment: hot-dip zinc cold galvanizing + spray, hot-dip zinc + spray.

Waveform fence principle: When you receive an external force through the guardrail and columns deform and absorb the impact force, the protection of pedestrians and vehicles.

Waveform Technology birthplace fence: Shandong

Waveform fence application: Highway, one, two highways, provincial and county roads and rural roads area, large parking lots.

Waveform guardrail role: security, landscaping

Waveform guardrail price range: 80 yuan / linear meters -150 yuan / linear meter range, depending on the specific specifications.