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Waveform guardrail manufacturer, Shandong Junan | quality rankings

Waveform guardrail manufacturer, Shandong Junan | quality rankings
  • Waveform guardrail manufacturer, Shandong Junan | quality rankings
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Guan County in Shandong Junan Stamping Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production entity waveform fence, wave beam steel guardrail, highway guardrail TEL:. 18663589565 QQ: 1833227683

Product Introduction

Waveform guardrail. W board fence, fence panels waveform engineering, high-speed rails, guardrail, double-wave guardrail waveform can be called highway guardrail beam guardrail, high-speed rails, bridge parapet, etc., can be divided into two wave-shaped fence, three wave-shaped beam guardrail two species.

Waveform guardrail Category: beam guardrail general location and collision avoidance rating by setting classified according to set locations can be divided into roadside guardrail and the median guardrail level can be divided according to the collision. A and S grade .S level fence belongs enhanced for particularly dangerous sections of road side use, A grade for private roads. Common roadside beam guardrail crash level can be divided by B, A, SB, SA , SS five.

Highway guardrail is a typical cold-formed steel products;

Two-wave guardrail common specifications 4320mm * 310mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm, the column for the 114/140 mm * 4.5mm;? Three-wave guardrail common specification is 4320mm * 506mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm, column 1 40mm * 6mm .

Waveform guardrail system works: 1, beam guardrail is the main form of semi-steel guardrail, which is a corrugated steel fence panels to each other by stitching columns supporting a continuous structure. 2, waveform guardrail use soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb collision energy, and forcing runaway vehicle to change direction, to return to the normal direction of travel, to prevent the vehicle out of the road outside, in order to protect the vehicle and passengers and reduce the losses caused by the accident. 3, beam guardrail steel soft phase and waveform fence with a strong The collision energy absorption capacity, with good sight inducing function, can be coordinated with the road alignment, beautiful appearance, can use in a small radius corners, damaged place easily replaced.