Manufacturers waveform fence construction program

Manufacturers waveform fence construction program

Product description:

Two beam guardrail plate width 310mm, wave height 85mm, thickness: 3mm, 4mm;

Waveform guardrail theoretical weight: 3mm thick as 49.16kg, 4mm thick, is 65.55kg;

Per kilometer: 3mm thick heavy 12.3 tons, 4mm thick, heavy 16.388 tons.
Three beam guardrail board specifications length 4320 mm, width 506 mm plate, wave height 85mm, thickness: 4mm;

Theoretical Weight: 102kg, with 130 * 130 * 6mm * long square tube column or 140x4.5x long round post.
Waveform fence column:

Φ114, Φ140mm length according to the requirements of generally 1.85M, 1.95M, 2M, 2.15M wall thickness 4.5MM; guardrail uprights theoretical weight: Φ114 of 12.15kg / m, Φ140mm of 15.04kg / m.

Waveform fence panels, high-speed rails, guardrail, highway guardrail, fence waveform, W-shaped plates can be called highway guardrail fence waveform beam guardrail, high-speed rails, bridge parapet, etc., it can be divided into two main waveform fence, three waves Two wave beam guardrail

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Common specifications waveform fence:

Dual waveform fence board: 4320mm * 310mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm

Three wave-shaped divider plate: 4320mm * 506mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm

Double wave waveform fence column: 114mm / 140mm * 4.5mm * height;

Three-wave waveform fence column: 114mm / 140mm * 4.5mm * height;

Waveform guardrail Stake
①, the column should be staked in accordance with design drawings, and bridges, channels, culverts, interchange, level-as the control point for ranging positioning can be used to adjust the spacing adjustment section, and use a fraction of the number of spacing allocation process.
②, the loft and ensure accurate linear fence, every segment Stake review and closure.
③, rear pillar loft, surface state should investigate the position of each column, such as the case of underground communication lines, discharge, etc., or lack of depth at the top of a buried culvert, adjust the position of some columns, change column fixation.
Waveform fence post installation
①, according to the design drawings drill column, and check to make coordination with the road alignment.
②, such as curbs basic conditions permit, use set into law staking, construction should be precisely positioned upright into the soil should be to design depth, when into too deep, the column can not be pulled out only to be corrected, and We shall pull out all of its re-enter the base until after compaction.
③, when the column into difficulties, drilling method or excavation method can be used to install Column using drilling method is installed, the post positioning should be the same material as backfill embankment and rammed fill dense layering;. Excavation method using embedded column , backfill material should be good and hierarchical compaction (no more than once every thickness 15cm), backfill compaction degree of not less than the adjacent undisturbed soil.
④, set up in the structure of the fence post, usually in the structure construction construction concrete foundation is ready. When using reserve base hole, the hole should be cleared of debris, dry water holes, of good will asphalt primer in the hole again, and then into the column, control level. Note to sand around the pillar. When filling sand must maintain the correct position and verticality of the column. The sand after a tap, you can use asphalt sealing, prevent rainwater from leaking into the hole.
When ⑤, upright section of asphalt pavement construction, post pit from the roadbed to 5cm below the surface layer using the same material and roadbed backfill and compaction in layers, and the remaining part of the same material as backfill and pavement and compacted.
⑥, rear pillar in place, their horizontal and vertical form a smooth linear.
⑦, when the ends of the transition section of fence construction, according to the design specified coordinate and strictly control its upright position, pay attention to the parabolic shape.
4, wave beam installation
①, when the wave beam installation, splicing each other by stitching bolt by bolt connected to the post or crossbar. Wave Beam stitching direction is the key to the installation, ensure lap orientation should be consistent with the directions of traffic during construction.
②, wave beam during the installation process should continue to be adjusted, thus connecting bolts and splice bolt tightening is premature to use during the installation process long hole wave beam of timely adjustments, so as to form a smooth linear, to avoid local unevenness.
③, when you install the wave beam should be coordinated with the top surface of the road vertical curve and check the fence linear, when determining the linear smooth and relatively straight and smooth, before finally tighten the bolts.
5 Notes
① construction should be fully prepared, road construction Stake find exact location. Lofting should accurate, error is within a predetermined range.
② column construction should be scrupulous, its verticality, spacing, bolt hole locations and other dimensions shall comply with the requirements, do not meet the requirements for immediate rework, while reworked should be strictly in accordance with norms JTJ074-94 regulations.
Packaging and identification ③ waveform slab, columns and other components should meet the requirements of GB6725 when bulk purchases fence shall not, and shall ensure that the lifting, transportation, stacking process does not result in product deformation, damage (injury). During transport should fixed and reliable, to prevent damage to the finish or cause bumps collision member deformed.
④ Note waveforms purchases Lianggao Jiang splice junction bolt packaging and signs should be consistent GB / T1231 relevant provisions
When ⑤ fence construction operation should be cautious, not undermine buried under the pavement cables, pipelines and other facilities.