Waveform fence construction program 18,663,589,565

Waveform fence construction program 18,663,589,565

Product description:

Two beam guardrail plate width 310mm, wave height 85mm, thickness: 3mm, 4mm;

Waveform guardrail theoretical weight: 3mm thick as 49.16kg, 4mm thick, is 65.55kg;

Per kilometer: 3mm thick heavy 12.3 tons, 4mm thick, heavy 16.388 tons.
Three beam guardrail board specifications length 4320 mm, width 506 mm plate, wave height 85mm, thickness: 4mm;

Theoretical Weight: 102kg, with 130 * 130 * 6mm * long square tube column or 140x4.5x long round post.
Waveform fence column:

Φ114, Φ140mm length according to the requirements of generally 1.85M, 1.95M, 2M, 2.15M wall thickness 4.5MM; guardrail uprights theoretical weight: Φ114 of 12.15kg / m, Φ140mm of 15.04kg / m.

Waveform fence panels, high-speed rails, guardrail, highway guardrail, fence waveform, W-shaped plates can be called highway guardrail fence waveform beam guardrail, high-speed rails, bridge parapet, etc., it can be divided into two main waveform fence, three waves Two wave beam guardrail

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Common specifications waveform fence:

Dual waveform fence board: 4320mm * 310mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm

Three wave-shaped divider plate: 4320mm * 506mm * 85mm * 3mm / 4mm

Double wave waveform fence column: 114mm / 140mm * 4.5mm * height;

Three-wave waveform fence column: 114mm / 140mm * 4.5mm * height;

Dosage: the standard segment with 250 per kilometer fence board column spacing 4 meters per kilometer by 250 columns, ends 2, column caps 250, discourage blocks 250, 250 sets of bolts, bolts stitching 2000 sets.

Waveform guardrail plate length 4.32 meters, the installation occupies 16 cm on each side of the net remaining four meters. Plate width 31 cm, corrugation depth of 85 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm into, 2.75 mm, 2.85 mm, 3 mm, 3.75 mm, 3.85 mm, 4 mm. waveform fence column specification is divided into 114 mm diameter and 140 mm, 114 suitable for rural roads, county roads, mountain road, Highway 140 is suitable for high-speed road. Waveform fence column is divided into 4 mm thickness and 4.5 left mm column height generally ground 70 cm -75 cm. concrete column height is determined by the customer, the workshop set foot production.

Waveform guardrail Category

Beam guardrail general location and collision avoidance rating by setting classified according to location can be set into roadside guardrail and the median guardrail Press crash level can be divided into A and S grade. S-class fence belongs enhanced for in particularly dangerous sections of road side use, A grade for private roads. Common roadside beam guardrail crash level can be divided by B, A, SB, SA, SS five