Wave guardrail | Factory offer

Wave guardrail | Factory offer

Product description:

Guan County in Shandong Junan Stamping Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production entity waveform fence, wave beam steel guardrail, highway guardrail TEL:. 18663589565 QQ: 1833227683

Waveform guardrail parameters:

(1) Dual Waveform plate: Length 4320mm, plate width 310mm (flat width 480mm), wave deep 85mm.

Thickness 3mm / 4mm.

(2) Three wave-shaped plate: Length 4320mm, plate width 506mm, wave deep 85mm, thickness 4mm.

(3) Round column: diameter 140 / 114mm, wall thickness column 4 / 4.5mm.

Column length 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2150mm.

(4) Square column: the length 130mm, wall thickness of 6mm, length 2540mm.

(5) Column Cap: thickness 2 / 3mm, pitch 100 / 150mm, diameter 114 / 140mm.

(6) Fangzu block: 196 * 178 * 200mm, thickness of the partition 3/4 / 4.25 / 4.5mm.

(7) bays: length 300mm, width 70mm, thickness of sub-4mm / 4.5mm.

(8) Bolts: M16 * 170 / M16 * 150 / M16 * 50 / M16 * 42 / M16 * 35

Waveform fence belongs: cold-rolled, semi-rigid barrier.

Material: Q235

Waveform guardrail Model: Gr-A-4E, Gr-Am-4E, Gr-Am-2E, Gr-A-2E, Gr-SB-2E, Gr-SB-2C, Gr-A-2B1, Gr-SB- 2C, Gr-A-4C, Gr-A-2C, Gr-SB-1B1.

Waveform guardrail Surface treatment: hot-dip zinc cold galvanizing + spray, hot-dip zinc + spray.

Waveform fence principle: When you receive an external force through the guardrail and columns deform and absorb the impact force, the protection of pedestrians and vehicles.

Waveform guardrail two domestic industrial base: Guan County, Shandong, Jiangsu, technical origin: Shandong

Waveform guardrail Application: Widely used in highways, primary, secondary roads, provincial and county roads and scenic, rural roads.

Waveform guardrail role: security, landscaping waveform guardrail price range: 80 yuan / linear meters -150 yuan / linear meter range, depending on the specific specifications.

The most common model is the wave guardrail Gr-A-4E per 1000 meters Gr-A-4E amount guardrail members were: 250 corrugated sheet column 250 column cap 250 Fangzu block (or bracket) 250. Bolt M16 * 170250 sets .M16 * 42250 sets .M16 * 352000 sets.

Waveform fence accessories include: tip, flange columns, transition plates, beams gaskets, bolts, three-wave plate discourage block, double-wave plate discourage blocks, brackets, column caps