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Zhejiang waveform highway guardrail factory price

Zhejiang waveform highway guardrail factory price
  • Zhejiang waveform highway guardrail factory price
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Waveform guardrail Model:

Gr-A-4E , Gr-A-2E, Gr-Am-4C, Gr-SBm-1B1, Gr-Am-2E, Gr-Am-4E, Gr-SB-2C.

Gr-Am-2B1 , Gr-A-2C, Gr-A-4C, Gr-SB-2E, Gr-SB-1B1, Gr-Am-2C, Gr-A-2B1

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Highway guardrail waveform (Normal / enhanced) is the primary form of semi-steel guardrail, which is a corrugated steel fence panels to each other by stitching columns supporting a series of master layout. With the soil base, column, beam deformation to break the collision energy, and out of control of the vehicle and return to the normal line direction, effectively prevent the vehicle out of the road, to protect the safety of passengers and vehicles to avoid accidents caused by excessive losses. highway guardrail rigid waveform complementary, have a strong impact energy absorbing capability and sight inducing function, but also coordinated and linear roads, beautiful appearance, easy installation. For some of the vehicle easily punched sections (bridge), can be used to strengthen the wave beam guardrail.

Waveform fence is made of two pieces corrugated steel fence panels and put between the retaining clips constitute two columns, two columns fixed interposed between two sheets of corrugated steel fence panels.

Waveform guardrail physical principles:

A) beam guardrail is the main form of semi-steel guardrail, which is a corrugated steel fence panels to each other by stitching columns support the continuous construction.

B) It uses soil base, column, beam deformation to absorb collision energy, and forcing runaway vehicle to reverse the direction of rotation, return to the normal travel path to avoid the vehicle off the road, in order to protect the vehicle and passengers and reduce the losses caused by traffic accidents .

C) beam guardrail steel soft phase and, with a strong function of the collision energy absorption, more sight inducing function, can be coordinated and road alignment, beautiful appearance, can be used on small radius corners, damaged place to facilitate the replacement process fast.

Waveform guardrail common specifications:

Double wave pattern plate guardrail: 4320*310*85*3/4;

Three wave pattern plate fence panels: 4320*506*85*3/4;

Double Wave column: Ø114 / Ø140 mm * 4.5mm * height;

Column three waves: Ø114 / Ø140 mm * 4.5mm * height;

Column spacing generally divided 2 m spacing and 4 m spacing;

Waveform guardrail Connection: Column way connected with the board there are two kinds discourage and block type bracket

Waveform guardrail Surface treatment:

1) after extrusion molding dip;

2) galvanized / hot dip galvanized steel after stamping molding or spray;

3) low carbon steel blackboard after extrusion molding dip;

4) low carbon steel galvanized + blackboard after extrusion molding dip / spray;

Applications: highways, large parking lot, scenic, high-speed, provincial roads, rural roads construction and other safety crash.

Waveform guardrail Features:

Bending an increase of aesthetics, while increasing steeplechase strength, both ways; automatic production line extrusion, surface clean non-invasive, highly corrosion; mature surface treatment; anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, anti- high and low temperature and other characteristics, the outdoor environment life of up to 10--25 years; the product is simple in structure, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, install good anti-theft performance by small actual terrain, the mountain, slope, bending zone adaptability exceptionally strong, moderate cost, suitable for large-scale use.