Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring system

Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring system

Product description:

Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring system

Monitoring System hardware System Overview

1, Centralized multi-point temperature and humidity data acquisition module

A module you can collect 32 points of temperature and humidity data.

Between temperature and humidity sensor only requires a three-core cable.

Modules can automatically identify the sensor addressing and counting

Module and PC using RS485 serial communications, ensure data quality, efficient transmission

A computer monitor can collect 127 data acquisition module temperature and humidity data

Data transfer rate: The baud rate support 9600/19200/38400

RS485 bus transmission distance: 1200 m.

2 'Bus line' temperature and humidity probe description

Direct digital output, all sensors between three core cables (including power and ground) is connected to the wiring convenience and low cost.

The distance between the probe and the measuring module up to 100 meters, wiring convenient, simple, and thus more effective to reduce the likelihood of problems in the field.

Lower power consumption probe, powered directly from the module, no on-site power supply;

Wet the range 1 to 99%, a typical accuracy is 3%, 55% Rh accuracy is 2%;

Humidity integrated, low system cost;

Temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, with a resolution of 0.0625 ℃.

List of temperature and humidity sensor performance

Operating temperature range:


Humidity measurement resolution:

0.5% RH

Humidity measurement range:

1% ~ 99% RH

Humidity measurement accuracy:

± 3.0% RH (typical)


± 2.0% RH (typical)

Year drift:

± 0.5% RH (typical)

Response time:

5s (typ)

Operating voltage range:


Temperature measurement resolution:


Temperature measurement accuracy:


Temperature measurement range:



5V / 9.0mA


70 * 50 * 25mm3

Construction schematic Monitoring System

Treasury larger monitor, and other monitoring area is far away from the computer room monitoring features. Also very long extension library, which gives the placement and wiring within the library environment monitoring system, a lot of inconvenience, but the above-mentioned problems, if application of our environmental monitoring system will be solved. Because this set uses a full digital sensor, acquisition technology, which broke the previous analog system 'one on one' limit monitoring, making multi-point focus monitoring becomes possible, greatly reducing the wiring distance monitoring in the region, on the other hand to improve the overall stability of the system.

System Benefits

① The entire system of digital acquisition, sensor components, measurement accuracy, data transmission quality are greatly improved.

② system construction is simple, clear, and improve the security and stability of the entire system.

③ system has strong compatibility and scalability, set aside a hardware interface can be very simple to smoke alarms, ventilation control, monitoring, and other special gases into the whole monitoring system.

two. Monitoring system software System Overview

Calculate real-time display of temperature and humidity data, the highest temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity

Real-time recording of temperature and humidity data storage

Upper and lower alarm set temperature and humidity data, and real-time alarm display, record

LAN real-time data sharing and viewing

Site fan control, alarm function

GSM mobile phone short message alarm, monitoring functions