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Laboratory temperature and humidity transmitter

Laboratory temperature and humidity transmitter
  • Laboratory temperature and humidity transmitter
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Laboratory temperature and humidity transmitter

Temperature and humidity transmitter using imported temperature and humidity sensor probe to measure air temperature, humidity, widely used in the engine room, plant workshops, library records management, laboratories, and other needs of temperature and humidity measurement and control of the premises.

Second, product characteristics

LCD large screen display design, light and beautiful.
Wall ceiling structure design, easy to install
High precision, good consistency.
RS485 communication output, the standard MODBUS protocol
Terminals with fast, safe and reliable
Unique duct design, to prevent the circuit temperature affect the sensor's test.
Product protection and good performance, 485 may be subjected to lightning 4.3KV not bad.

Third, the technical parameters

Rated voltage


Measuring range

Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Humidity: 0 ~ 100% rh

measurement accuracy

Temperature: ± 0.5 ℃ in 25 ℃

Humidity: ± 3% rh at 25 ℃


2 lines, maximum communication distance. 1200m, the terminal directly connected


0-255 By button to select



Baud Rate

2400 bit / s, 4800 bit / s, 9600 bit / s, 19200 bit / s. By button to select

Base Terminal

v + (1) System Power + line

v- (2) system power - line

RS485 + (3) + system transmission line

RS485- (4) transmission system - line

Effective working area

10-20m2 / only


Indoor wall mount, ceiling ceiling installation


Subject: about 200g, base: about 50g,


Fire ABS resin

Four dimensions
Dimensions: 95 * 80 * 29.5mm