Air conditioning in intelligent infrared remote control

Air conditioning in intelligent infrared remote control

Product description:

Air conditioning in intelligent infrared remote control

One, overview

In the central monitoring system, building automation systems, power monitoring and control system of intelligent systems, users in order to save costs, the ordinary air conditioning is widely used, but ordinary air conditioning without communication interface, cannot directly access to remote monitoring and control system of intelligent management. SSTTH-R0X intelligent air conditioning remote control is specifically for general air conditioning achieved remote monitoring and development of has since learning function of ' universal ' remote control, it has RS485 communications interface, temperature humidity collection, since learning, variety function, through since learning original air conditioning remote control of of various control command Hou, monitoring system through RS485 interface can collection environment temperature humidity, remote switch machine, set temperature, set run mode, variety operation, to achieved on general air conditioning of remote monitoring and control. WS-RTH-RXX can be applied to any brand of air conditioning as well as other infrared remote control devices.
Second, the function
(1) no requirement to modify air conditioning, through an infrared remote control air conditioning, construction convenience.
(2) using the principle of learning and intelligent code analysis technology, can be used for any brand of air conditioning monitoring and control.
(3) self-learning commands: 64, can learn to set the temperature, operation mode, speed, swept and other commands.
(4) call since the start function. Mains supply after the call, air conditioners run mode before restoring power.
(5) the automatic temperature control feature. When the ambient temperature is higher than the set temperature limit, automatic air conditioning Below the set temperature lower limit, automatic turn off air conditioning, energy saving effect.
(6) air conditioning function of rotation. The periodic rotation of the two air conditioners, two air conditioners running time and extended service life.
(7) acquisition of temperature and humidity. Real-time temperature and humidity of the environment, provide a large-screen LCD display, intuitive display.
(8) command to copy the remote control functions. When an air conditioner all the commands when you are finished, you can bulk copy, saving time.
(9) the infrared transmitter carrier frequency can be set to set range 30KHz~50KHz.
(10) real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and diagnosis of air-conditioning refrigeration, heating, operation is normal;
(11) the RS485 interface using the standard Modbus Protocol, convenient access to remote monitoring and control system;
(12) the infrared remote control sensor using Omni-directional steering bracket, commissioning and easy to maintain;
(13) an external port with EMI design, high reliability.

Third, technical parameters



The environment


Input power

5V~15VDC rating: 12VDC

Power consumption

Average current of 20mA

Temperature range


Humidity range


Infrared remote control

Remote control transmitter channel



Number of store commands


Carrier frequency

30KHz~50KHz can be set to factory default 38KHz

Remote control distance

5~10 m

Temperature measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy

Error: (± 0.5 ℃, at 25 ℃ test

Humidity measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy

Error: (± 5%RH, at 25 ℃ test

Communication interface

Interface mode


Communication protocol

Standard MODBUS RTU Protocol

Communication speed

960048002400bps to select the default 9600bps

Address settings

0~255, default 1

EMC index


Differential mode ± 2KV


± 6KV contact discharge, air discharge 8KV

Overall dimensions