High temperature and humidity recorder (LCD Dual)

High temperature and humidity recorder (LCD Dual)

Product description:

High temperature and humidity recorder (LCD Dual)

TB-20b-type temperature and humidity recorder (LCD Dual)
Technical Specifications
• Record, display temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
• record, display humidity range: 0 ~ 100% RH
• Accuracy: (TB-20) ± 0.5 ℃ temperature and humidity ± 3% RH
(TB-20J) ± 0.2 ℃ temperature and humidity ± 3% RH
• LCD resolution: 0.1 ℃ temperature and humidity 0.1% RH
• Recording capacity: 9890 ~ ​​20600 group
• Recording interval: 2 seconds to 24 hours continuously adjustable
• Communication Interface: RS-232, RS-485/422
• Battery life: about a year (depending on usage)

• Purpose and scope
TB series of intelligent temperature and humidity data logger is agricultural research, food, medicine, chemical industry, meteorology, environmental protection, electronics, laboratory and other areas of a number of climate parameters, monitoring and recording equipment.

The logger system I plant to learn the advantages of similar foreign products, combined with our own design characteristics, temperature and humidity can be recorded and other climate parameters. Various sensors with built-in or external, the sample data stored in the logger memory that can be rotated transferring data collection records to the computer for processing.

TB series of intelligent temperature and humidity data logger with high-energy lithium battery-powered, no external power, compact and easy to carry (58 * 72 * 29), small machine power.

• Features
Long tradition of recording temperature and humidity data is commonly used in artificial recorder recording or ordinary ink on paper drawing curves in the record, its large size, low precision, easy to plug the ink, time consuming, and later appeared logging devices, paperless recorder also because of their size, high cost, need an external power supply, but failed in extensive use in agricultural research.

The recorder with built-in smart chip with 12Bit A / D converter, LCD display, smart recording, remote communications, with international brands of sensors, microprocessors, can be displayed and automatically record temperature and humidity data collected in real-time, it is stored in the nonvolatile memory of the recorder. Recording capacity from 4000 -128 000 group group, calculated per 30 minutes of recording time to record temperature and humidity data about a year, which is the traditional instrumentation can not do of.

Recorder with a variety of recording modes and recording interval set arbitrarily, in order to ensure that the instrument work on the environmental adaptability and reliability of the recorder does not have any switches and buttons, all settings and start-stop through the communication interface by the general computer Set on the soft front panel application is running.

Records can be torn off the computer to work independently. When you need to read the data logger can be read by a computer through the communication interface.

• powerful data processing capability
TB series of intelligent temperature and humidity data logger configuration variety of recording data analysis software, standard Windows 95/98/2000 interface, you can communicate with the intelligent recorder, set up a smart logger working condition, read the data logger collected intelligence Its main function is, in Windows, the collected data can be a list, drawn curve, set the engineering units, average, peak and real-time display. Press the TEXT format of the output data can also get into EXCEL spreadsheets or specialized The software for data processing, draw bar, pie, curve fitting.

• Instructions
①. With the supplied communication cable recorder with general computer (PC586 more can be) connected to the serial port.
②. Run the recorder application on your computer, set up the recorder's record