Hilti range finder, hand-held laser range finder

Hilti range finder, hand-held laser range finder

Product description:

Hilti range finder, hand-held laser range finder

Germany Hilti PD5 handheld laser rangefinder, the world's smallest, the first single-channel finder, durable, 1643321mm, 70 米 ranging, precision 1.5mm.
Select Hilti rangefinder, to be a tasteful designer!
1) pure German descent, German brand, made in Germany. In the context of globalization of manufacturing, in order to ensure high-quality products, Hilti always adhere to local manufacturing in Germany. With Switzerland, Leica distance D2 (60 meters) to Hungary manufacturing, Bosch DLE 70 (70 meters) to Malaysian manufacturing.
2) super-drop, waterproof design to ensure your safety.
3) using a unique patented 'Pluse Power' technology, the laser spot is clearly visible in the distance.
Simple 4) structure, one-touch design, excluding all fancy features simple operation, low failure rate!

PD5 laser rangefinder advantages:
Patented single-pass rangefinder mode: the world's first laser transmitter and receiver combined, more stable performance.
Unique pen-type appearance, lightweight and portable
Performance, durability
Design more compact, more noble qualities
One type operation, easy to use: The Germans rigorous analysis, 95% of users only use a simple measurement function, skim fancy area, volume measurement functions is simple and practical, significantly reduce the failure rate.
Dust, water jet, engineering rubber protection, hard shell especially adapted to the harsh conditions of the site
Laser precision to ensure reliable measurement results

Technical Parameters:
Range: 0.2m-70m
Accuracy: + 1.5mm
Measurement functions: single-point measurement and continuous measurement
Battery life: 8000 measurements (alkaline batteries)
Protection class: IP55
Laser Class: 620-690nm; 级 2; II level
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - + 50 ℃
Size: 1643321mm

Incorrect evaluation on some customers - have been seriously misled other customers

Evaluation A: This rangefinder can not be measured within 2 meters
Truth: This bit cute valued customers did not understand one meter = 100 cm, This rangefinder blind is 20 cm from the bottom of the fuselage, is 0.2 meters due to the laser reflection principle limited by, within a very short distance. any laser rangefinder is blind, can not be measured. This initial measurement is 0.2 m (20 cm), because it is starting from the bottom of the fuselage calculated body itself has 16 cm, starting from the head is about 4 cm can start measuring. Different brands, the algorithm is not the same, a lot of brands is calculated according to the head from the start, so seemingly measuring distance PD5 big blind.

Evaluation II: very good, that is, when the measure has been ringing, a little suck ah
Truth: This rangefinder with a beep, you can choose to turn on or off the beep according to their preferences on specific methods of operation of the Chinese product specification are described in detail.

Photo 1: PD5 front view, one-button design, simple structure, the simplest design, the lowest failure rate.