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KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger board Instructions

KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger board Instructions
  • KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger board Instructions
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KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger board Instructions

KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger board Instructions

I. Overview:

The current three-phase SCR trigger board mostly analog control circuit or microcontroller + general circuit constituted one of their notable feature is the flip-flop circuit formed by them, to a large unitary area, the control accuracy is not high, thyristor inefficient, to unitary function is relatively simple, in such a market-oriented, our company utilizes advanced design methods, the use is different from the existing companies generally take the signal with the ramp, we use three-pass synchronous transformer, narrow three-phase signal, and then take the signal directly on the narrow three-phase power.

Under normal operating status of each channel input an AC sine wave, sine signal by the zero-crossing comparator and de-jitter circuit forming a rectangular wave, a rectangular wave is formed at the edge of a sharp pulse, start subtraction counter starts counting. 0-VDD of DC level control signal through the 10 A / D conversion is formed corresponding to the size of the digital phase shifter, DOWN counter as the initial value. When the counter reaches zero, and the formation of another sharp pulse trigger signal, two spikes appear The time difference corresponds to a phase shift angle, determines the location of the output pulse from the group after a sharp pulse output two bursts OUT + and OUT- correspond to the positive and negative half-cycle sine wave, there is a phase difference between the burst and sine wave Δ ¢, Δ ¢ size by the VCON DC level control, VCON continuously from 0V to VDD, then Δ ¢ smoothly move from 180 to 0, thereby to control the thyristor conduction angle, to adjust the output power of purpose.

KH3-K2-type phase-shift trigger plate is the use of analog and mixed-phase phase trigger integrated circuit, containing a complete phase, overcurrent, overheating and other fault protection; high precision, fully functional, easy to use, reliable, and easy to debug strong anti-interference, small size, complete protection circuit, etc. The upper circuit is mainly used in three-phase AC power supply to the three-phase SCR trigger electronics products, including a three-phase motor power drive control module, AC motor stepless speed, the thyristor control circuit, AC-AC inverter, rectifier, inverter, power supply and so on. KH3-K2-type trigger plate and high-power electronic devices can be composed of a combination of high-power integrated modules, industrial automation and control, power supply, motor drive Best products with speed control many industries replacement.

Second, the performance characteristics

• no phase sequence requirements limit, can be used to supply power to 10--380V frequency 50 / 60Hz grid.

• with various domestic and international control instrument (temperature controller), the output signal of the microcomputer direct interface.

• Suitable for a variety of load types resistive load, inductive load, transformer primary side and the like.

• With soft start soft stop function, reduce the impact of interference on the power grid, so that the main circuit is more secure.

• driving ability, each channel can output 800 mA of current, can drive 4000A SCR.

• fault alarm output. (External buzzer and lights)

• A lack of protection function.

• emergency stop function.

• temperature protection.

• Integrated Structure: Set the power, synchronous transformer, trigger control circuit, pulse transformers in one played tight structure, easy to debug, simple wiring.

Third, the major technical indicators and use

Input signal: 4-20mA (jumper selectable via P2 jump S1) DC 0-5V (jumper selectable via P2 jump S2) DC 0-10V (selected via the jumper P2 S3) 10K potentiometer (manually adjusted)

Output Specifications: three-phase or three-phase two-way trigger 0-100% output.

Phase shift range: 0-180.

Trigger capacity: ≤4000A SCR (SCR).


PW ¤ Power indicator

OFF ¤ failsafe indication

QX ¤ phase fault indication

Power use: AC1 and AC2 access to 220V mains power, when users need access to 380V mains power please our custom.

Load testing: test triggers are not connected to the load current is less than 0.5A or less, SCR does not work so please load currents greater than 0.5A..

Fourth, the working methods

1. The choice of three input modes:

• 4-20mA input by shorting jumper selectable S1.

• 0-5V input by shorting jumper selectable S2.

• 0-10V input by shorting jumper selectable S3.

2. limiting protection function:

By adjusting the VR1 (MAX) variable resistors set the input control signal voltage limiting protection to protect the load easily damaged.

3. An external protection switch: (reference control wiring diagram)

4. The output pulse inhibit (OFF control switch):

Trigger plate via an external switch emergency stop control (OFF switch can also be an external temperature protection switches, etc.).

5. The trigger board can also compose closed-loop automatic control system and external microcontroller and the corresponding sensor.

Fifth, the abnormal state of elimination

1, SCR no output, no current or voltage:

• Panel PW LED is not lit, SCR does not work, check the power supply is plugged into the right trigger.

• Check QX indicator light, such as lighting protection system and check whether the synchronization signal access.

• Check OFF indicator light, such as lighting protection systems check whether protected.