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Midea / Midea | F05-15A (S) the United States of the small kitchen Po water storage electric water heater 5 liters hot treasure 6.6L

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Midea / Midea F05-15A (S)
  • Time to market: 2013-3
  • Net weight: 4.2kg
  • Water type: the water
  • Heating power: 1500W
  • Packing size: 289x274x442mm
  • Brand: Midea / the United States
  • Model: F05-15A (S)
  • Stacking layer limit: 7 layers
  • Dimensions: 240x230x370mm
  • Control: mechanical
  • Maximum capacity: 5L
  • Gross weight: 5.2 kg
  • Series: F ** - 15A
  • Energy efficiency rating: three
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color Classification: white water under the light gray
  • After-sales service: home installation of the UNPROFOR
  • Kitchen Po Type: water storage type
  • Maximum capacity: 5L

Pro, want to buy the pro-water, please choose white!

Select the white is made on the water!

On the water: installed in the sink below the cabinet or below, please note that the installation space!

Under the water: installed Above the sink or water Faucet

The United States of the kitchen Po, vegetables do the washing up, Wash your face, kitchen decoration must artifact!

Pro, kitchen treasure really can not take a bath with the Oh!

National region, door-to-door! Our cooperation express delivery are door-to-door (no lift above the 5th floor is not delivered to your door, remote rural town does not deliver to your door, this mind guests, please carefully shot.) Under normal circumstances, , Please contact us 0577-88338890, we will arrange express to your door-to-door, not to mention, otherwise the resulting costs, we can not bear for you.!

About the installation: Received the goods, please contact the United States and the sale of 400 8899 315 telephone, They are assigned to your local beauty after-sales installation, not to install their own installation of the bad machine, can not enjoy the normal Quanguolianbao services.

Pro, kitchen treasure is not used to take a bath with the Oh, apply to wash your hands, vegetables, washing dishes, brush your teeth Oh!

The United States and the kitchen Po, the UNPROFOR 3 years, after-sales service!