SKKT (MTC) series thyristor surge Kits

SKKT (MTC) series thyristor surge Kits

Product description:

SKKT (MTC) series thyristor surge Kits

(MTC) Series regulator Kit Instructions

SCR regulator kit for the majority of new and old customers, in order to save costs and improve efficiency in the use of a performance, design and development of superior regulator kit practical and convenient. The regulator supporting our company's KH3-D phase shift trigger or KH-ZB3 change cycle zero-crossing trigger use. applications is very broad, reliable and stable performance, high precision temperature regulator.

If this product is equipped with the company's various properties of the flip-flop, it can be widely used in various areas of industrial voltage and current regulation for resistive load, inductive load, transformer primary side and various fairing, etc. Its main applied to the power supply, high-frequency equipment AC and DC voltage, salt bath furnace, frequency induction furnace, hardening furnace, the temperature of the molten glass and a variety of industrial furnace heating control; primary side rectifier transformers, tune Koki, electric transformers, magnetization demagnetization adjustment, DC motor speed control, motor soft start saving devices; temperature control and reactive power compensation capacitor nickel, iron, chromium, far infrared heating elements and molybdenum silicon rods, silicon carbide and other heating element switching switch, and many more.


l linear regulator heating, uninterrupted, without blinking.

l panel more than just working status indicator shows the trigger; by observing the status LEDs indicating the regulator to determine the cause of failure, easy maintenance.

l Full range of installation of overheat protection switch stop output to protect SCR.

l trigger operating voltage and mains no phase sequence requirements.

l trigger the use of SMD production, separate control, high breakdown voltage, high resistance to current, maintainability, without any interference. l containing slow start function effectively respond to rapidly changing circumstances.

l use SCR original linear proportional output stability, high control accuracy.

l have to stop output and over-temperature indicator.

l simple wiring, installation, dismantling, moving, easy and convenient.

Product Specifications

Rated load voltage

180 ~ 480VAC

Load Current Rating

55A, 90A, 110A, 160A, 200A, 300A, 500A, 600A, 800A

Control board supply voltage

220VAC, 380VAC

Frequency of use

50HZ / 60HZ


4 ~ 20mA, DC1 ~ 5V, DC0 ~ 10V, ON / OFF, VR0 ~ 100%

Use of the environment

-10 ~ 45 ° C 90% RH or less, no condensation


Quick fuse, SCR overtemperature stop output

Display Function

LED panel displays SCR working condition, and the reasons for failure


• Please upright direction according to thermal convection and maintain control cabinets air convection.

• SCR for the high-current products, be sure to lock the main power line side and the outlet side, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of arc fault.

• SCR regulator load terminal connected to line zero, otherwise it will cause loss of control SCR (if the load does require the zero line, you need special custom).

• SCR regulator has one relay contact output can be used as alarm indication or control chain protection (contact capacity AC250V / 3A, DC30V / 3A).