Rui Shi Tankless glass temperature display electric faucet fast speed hot faucet hot water heater small kitchen treasure

Rui Shi Tankless glass temperature display electric faucet fast speed hot faucet hot water heater small kitchen treasure

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014-01
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Heating power: 3000W
  • Packing size: 200x250x300mm
  • Brand: REPOSE / glass Rui Shi
  • Model: HL-363D
  • Stacking Limit: 5 layers
  • Dimensions: 200x250x300mm
  • Gross Weight: 1.8kg
  • Wire cross-section requirements: 1.5MM
  • Water way: under water
  • Color Classification: Big Bend Water flash silver flash silver under water at Great Bend Great Bend with water leakage protection under champagne gold champagne gold under water Great Bend to send leakage protection under Chinese red water Big Bend China water Great bend Great bend noble red under water send leakage protection noble chrome under water at big bend chrome send leakage protection
  • Style: Single hole
  • Faucet whether the rotation: rotatable

Rui Shi electric faucet glass related sales

Q1: side of the water, under water what is the difference?

A: side inlet for the old faucet, mounted directly on the wall or under the water pipes can be installed on the basin, with the following inlet hose connection.

Q2: What are the requirements for pressure?

A: The electric faucet water pressure are relying on to start heating, only water users, home with high towers, water tanks or floor users, please consult customer service before buying oh.

Q3: machine when using special precautions?

A: The machine must be installed upright, not flip ramp loading or horizontal installation, the machine outlet can not modify or install any devices or water purification device with a switch, so as not to affect the normal water machine, while the machine affect the normal heating, thereby damage to the machine.

Q4: product warranty period and scope

A: The product does not support 15-Day Return affect our secondary sales case, the buyer should bear the return shipping, if it is 15 days after the product quality problems, we host one-year warranty (not including donated goods) as a gift or plug shower hose, freight AA system (ie, the buyer sent back freight, the freight we bear to go back), the warranty period of our lifetime maintenance costs only charge accessories, buyers bear the return shipping.

Full refunds are not satisfied with support, allowing you to buy peace of mind! Repeat ratio reached 97.25%, a good product worthy of your own!