Intelligent Flow Totalizer -KH110L

Intelligent Flow Totalizer -KH110L

Product description:

Intelligent Flow Totalizer -KH110L

I. Introduction

KH110L The Flow Totalizer for a variety of liquid, gas, steam flow measurement, accumulation, and for compensation calculation based on the measured medium temperature and pressure, with a variety of input methods, etc. can be connected with the vortex frequency pulse sensors or other 0-10mA output or 4-20mA output flow transmitters. adopt compensation look-up table, can superheated steam, saturated steam compensation calculation with high accuracy, with a variety of display, can display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow rate, pressure, temperature, frequency, density, time, display refresh period can be set arbitrarily. According to different input frequencies, setting ten different flow constants, the interpolation algorithm according to the flow rate constant is corrected automatically. Machine has a strong anti-interference ability. The product has been used in wide range. two chemicals, paper, automobile manufacturing, water treatment, metallurgy, oil and other industries, the main technical indicators

* The basic error: better than ± (0.2% F.S + 1) word

* Display: 8 cumulative amount shows four instantaneous volume display

* Data protection: blackout recording time, and last eight times the number of power outages and power blackouts

Of the real time data can be stored for long periods of

* Sampling period: 0.5 seconds

* Alarm output: The parameter configuration can on temperature, pressure, flow rate, the lower limit alarm

* Input signal: pulse signal, the current signal, voltage signal

* Power supply voltage: a variety of options: 220VAC, 24VDC, 12VDC

* With communication and printing features * 8 Line segment correction transmitter nonlinear function

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