Cheap color paperless recorder

Cheap color paperless recorder

Product description:

Cheap color paperless recorder

1320*240 TFT True color graphic LCD display. led Backlight, the picture clear, brilliant color, wide viewing angle ;

2 Using ARM-based high-speed, high-performance microprocessors, can achieve 8 -way signal detection, recording, display and alarm ;

3 , Using a large -capacity FLASH memory chips store historical data, extraordinary time data storage, power-down and never lost data ;

4 , Fully isolated universal input, you can enter a variety of signals, without replacing hardware, through the instrument configuration can be;

5 ENGINEERING amount display a wide range of values ​​, the cumulative value of up to ten digits ;

6 , Chinese menu configuration, display the channel number, engineering units, flow accumulation, temperature and pressure compensation .

7 Alarm display, while under the direction of the lower limit, the lower limit, the upper limit for each channel, the upper limit of the alarm;

8 , Showing high precision : digital, curve and bar graph shows the basic error of ± 0.5% FS;

9 , Data storage, use a USB storage backup or dump body of historical data ;

10 Standard serial communication interface : RS485 or and RS232;

11 , External micro-printer, to meet the needs of the user on-site printing ;

4500 yuan / Taiwan