20 Paperless Recorder

20 Paperless Recorder

Product description:

20 Paperless Recorder

20 Paperless Recorder

( LCD instrument)

20 Paperless recorder, also known as liquid crystal display device. And various types of sensors, transmitters with process value can achieve measurement of temperature, pressure, level, composition, etc., transform, display, record, dump, communication and control.

• Adopt 128 * 64 dot matrix LCD screen, convenient and simple Chinese interface, Chinese menu, the operator

• Display Full: measured value, units, alarm information, real-time clock, real-time curve, historical curve, recording status

• The basic error is better than ± 0.2% F · S, 16 bit A / D converter. Control period 0.2 seconds, 0.1 seconds. 8 segment polyline features

• 1-4 channel input: voltage, current, RTD, thermocouple, mV, remote pressure gauge and other signals, up to 4 channels

• anti-jamming design, inhibit the rapid burst interference field relays, contactors, etc. produced and other electromagnetic interference, immunity to level III

• 4M memory for measured values ​​recording, you can record 260,000 times data. Data can recall through the historical curve, can be read via communication

• 4 point alarm output, with delay alarm function, can remember the last six times the alarm channel, time, alarm mode

• Fully transparent, high-speed, efficient network communication interface, between the computer and instrument data transfer and control completely

• Exclusive control over the transfer function so that the computer can directly control the instrument's alarm output, transmitter output

• have a USB port, the historical data can be recorded at any time dump U disk

• Good software platform, with secondary development capability to meet specific functional requirements