WZCT-01 Spring-Thermocouple | Temperature Sensor 1.5m, 2m

WZCT-01 Spring-Thermocouple | Temperature Sensor 1.5m, 2m

Product description:

WZCT-01 spring-type thermocouple temperature sensor 1.5m, 2m

WRET-01-type thermocouple fixed compression spring by spring surface thermocouple ends close to the measured object, in order to improve the reliability and accuracy of measurement. It is supporting the use of instruments, such as the display, can be directly measured 0 ~ temperature in the range of 400 ℃. compression spring fixed thermocouple installation is fixed to the top of the object, first tighten the bolts on the object, then the thermocouple close to the measured object, tighten the sleeve screws, finally Tighten the locking sleeve

Spring fixed thermocouple Features and Applications
1, compression spring fixed thermocouple has the following characteristics:
· Thermocouple extension wire with a soft
• You can freely bend
* Has a small thermal response time
· Easy to use
2, the compression spring fixed thermocouple applications:
· Suitable for plastic extrusion machines, textile, food and other industries
Spring fixed thermocouple principle structure
Spring fixed thermocouple action principle, indexing characteristics and tolerances, reference junction (cold junction) temperature compensation, as well as the coupling method to display measuring instruments are the general thermocouple the same as the structure of the spring fixed thermocouple protection tube mounting bolts. Locking sleeve, spring and thermocouple wires and other components.
The main technical parameters of the spring anchoring thermocouple

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